17,01,2021 Covid-19 vaccination in the world

Covid-19 vaccination

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Continued corona vaccination in different parts of the world and eight countries in the region

With the start of the distribution of Corona vaccine (Covid-19 vaccination) in different countries of the world, many high-risk groups including medical staff and the elderly in different countries of the world as well as eight countries in the region including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Oman and Turkey. They have received a dose of this vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccination
Covid-19 vaccination in the World.

A year after the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, about 50 countries have started vaccination against Coronavirus.

AFP reported last Thursday night that China was the first country to start vaccinating the most vulnerable since the summer of this year.

Nearly five million Chinese people have been vaccinated so far. On Thursday, Beijing approved the Sinovac vaccine, which is 79 percent effective against the coronavirus.

Russia has been vaccinating high-risk individuals with the Sputnik vaccine since December 5, and the vaccine has been approved in Belarus and Argentina.

In the field of African countries, Algeria is scheduled to start vaccination with the Russian vaccine in January.

In continental Europe, Britain was the first country to start vaccination with Pfizer and BionTek vaccines.

Our World In Data research media publishes online the number of Covid-19 vaccine doses being injected worldwide; Information shows that Israel will be the first country in the world to lift social restrictions by eliminating corona deaths with the speed of vaccination.

At the end of January 2, 2021, a total of 11,470,000 single doses of Covid-19 vaccine were injected into people worldwide. Among the countries of the world, China and the United States have the highest number of vaccines with 4.5 and 4.23 million doses, respectively. After these two countries is Israel with 1.09 million doses of injected vaccine; A figure close to Britain.

But with a population of 9 million, Israel has so far vaccinated more than 11 percent of its population against Covid-19. The ratio is less than half a percent in China and only about 1.3 percent in the United States.

Israel has also announced plans to vaccinate 25 percent of its population by the end of this month; A ratio that is currently impossible to access for many of the world’s most populous countries.

Covid-19 vaccination in the vaccination.
Covid-19 vaccination in the World.

Corona vaccination progress!

Quoting Bloomberg, global corona vaccination is progressing slowly, and so far, in the first month of the start of corona vaccination in some countries of the world, nearly 39.47 million doses of corona vaccine have been injected.

More than 37.9 million doses of the Corona vaccine have been given since the start of the global corona vaccination. This accounts for about half of the world’s population.

This vaccine has been injected in 49 countries that have started nationwide vaccinations.

Rich and developed countries have started universal vaccination, and many middle and poor countries have not yet started vaccination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a potential gap between rich and poor countries in accessing safe vaccines against the corona and has put on its agenda a comprehensive program called “Coax” to ensure that poor countries have access to the corona vaccine.

According to Bloomberg, the number of daily corona vaccines in the world has reached 2.41 million doses.

Israel is the world leader in corona vaccination, with 24.2 out of every 100 Israelis vaccinated.

The United Arab Emirates is in second place after Israel with 15.5 percent of its population vaccinated. In the United Arab Emirates, 1.6 million doses of the Corona vaccine have been given to citizens so far.

In the United Kingdom, which is the first country to start vaccinating the corona, more than 3.7 million doses of the corona vaccine have been given since the beginning of the vaccination, which is 5.5% of the population.

In terms of numbers, the United States and China have the highest number of corona vaccines. In the United States, 13 million doses of corona vaccine have been given so far (3.9% of the US population has been vaccinated), followed by China with more than 9 million doses of corona vaccine; But that figure is not high given China’s population of 1.5 billion, and so far only 64 percent of Chinese have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine.

Russia has so far injected 1.5 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which covers 1.02 percent of Russian citizens. Science and Technology Group: The latest published results from Brazilian clinical trials show that Cronavac, the vaccine of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, was only 50.4% effective.

This indicates that the effectiveness of this vaccine is significantly lower than the previously published data.
Sinovak’s corona-vaccine is a passive vaccine, which means that parts of a deadly virus are used to help the immune system react to it without causing severe illness.
The final trials of this vaccine were performed in Brazil, which is one of the most infected countries in the world in terms of mortality and infection.
Testing of the Sinovac vaccine was briefly halted in November 2020 after one of the volunteers died but resumed after it was determined that the death had nothing to do with the vaccine.
China entered the global competition to produce the COVID-19 vaccine by producing the Cronavac vaccine made by Sinovak.
So far, several countries have ordered the vaccine, including Indonesia, Turkey, and Singapore.

Different results in different countries 

Last week, the Bhutan Institute, which conducts its experiments in Brazil, announced that the vaccine was between 78% effective in “mild to severe” cases.
But on Tuesday, they concluded that the figures did not include “very mild infections,” including those who have been vaccinated and do not need clinical help.
Researchers now say that Sinovak’s effectiveness rate is about 50.4 percent.
But Butantan stressed that the vaccine is up to 78% effective in preventing mild cases that need treatment and 100% in preventing moderate to severe cases.
Sinovak experiments in different countries have presented different results.
Researchers in Turkey, for example, put the vaccine at 91.25 percent. However, according to the results of experiments announced in Indonesia, this vaccine is 65.3% effective.
There are criticisms and concerns that Chinese vaccine trials do not have the necessary oversight and transparency compared to Western samples. Sinovac is not the only Chinese corona vaccine. Sinofarm is another vaccine in this country.
Sinofarm is the first corona vaccine to be approved for public use. Sinofarm has published data showing that the vaccine is 79% effective.


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