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Following President Donald Trump’s supporters’ attack on the Congress building, some social networks and other cyberspace platforms have blocked or blocked his accounts on the pretext that he called on his supporters to resort to violence.

Axios News has published a list of these platforms, which you will read below.

1- Reddit Association

A spokesman for Reddit, a large forum for exchanging views and discussing various issues, said on Friday that the group had blocked a subset called “r / DonaldTrump”.

Explaining the action, Reddit said that it is forbidden to publish any content that incites hatred and encouragement, incitement or incitement to violence against groups of people or individuals.

2- “Twitch” social network

Twitch, a live-streaming service, disabled the Trump Channel, saying it was a necessary step to protect the network’s community and prevent it from being used to incite more violence.

3- Shopify Company

Shopping, an e-commerce company, has shut down two Trump-linked online stores for violating the company’s policies and supporting violence.

4- Twitter social network

The social network Twitter suspended his account on Friday, about ten days after the end of his presidency, on the pretext that the tweets of the US president are promoting violence in this country.

5- Google Company

Google has blocked one of its social media apps, Parler, for conservatives and right-wing extremists.

Parler has a significant number of pro-Trump, conservative, and far-right users.

Google also justified the move to justify the move.

6- YouTube social network

YouTube, which offers video streaming and sharing services in cyberspace, is accelerating the ban on false information and allegations of election fraud by Trump and other channels.

7- Social networks “Facebook” and “Instagram”

The two social networks Facebook and Instagram permanently blocked the accounts of US President Donald Trump on Thursday.

Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, of which Instagram is a subsidiary, said Trump had used the platform to “incite violence against a democratically elected government.”

“Given the special circumstances that exist and the fact that the president intends to go along with yesterday’s violence instead of condemning it, blocking his account indefinitely and “We will extend it for at least two weeks.”

8- Snapchat social network

A spokesman for the social networking site Snapchat, which is a program for sending and receiving images, said the company deactivated Barry Trump’s account on Wednesday because it believes the account incites hatred and incites violence. Becomes.

SnapChat spokeswoman Rachel Rakusen confirmed on Friday night that the company had suspended Trump’s social network.

A SnapChat spokesman added that the company made the decision because it believed Trump’s account would incite hatred and incite violence.

The SnapChat Association’s guidelines prohibit hate speech, incitement to violence, the spread of misinformation, including conspiracy theories, and attempts to undermine elections.

The suspension of SnapChat’s account comes as the social networking company Twitter deleted three of Trump’s tweets on Wednesday and then suspended Trump’s Twitter account for 12 hours.

Twitter also announced that Trump might be barred from joining the network if he did not stop violating company rules with his false claims.

Earlier, Facebook suspended Trump’s account for 24 hours for violating the company’s policies.

9- “Tik Tak” social network

Tik Tak, a Chinese company providing video sharing services in cyberspace, is removing content that promotes violence; Including the two hashtags patriot party and storm the capital, which was apparently created by Trump supporters. (The first hashtag means “patriotic party” and the second hashtag means “attack on Congress”)

10. Apple

Apple also threatened on Friday that it would remove Parler from its App Store if it did not control its content.

Parler has a significant number of pro-Trump, conservative, and far-right users.

11- “Discord” social network

Discord, a messaging app, blocked a Trump-owned server named “Donald” on Friday.

12- Pinterest social network

A spokesman for Pinterest, a provider of photo-sharing services, said the social network had restricted hashtags in favor of Trump after the November 3 election, including the hashtag #StopTheSteal, which was linked to Trump’s alleged fraud in Elections, which means “Stop electoral theft.”

Trump supporters attack Congress and its aftermath

It was Wednesday night when a number of Trump supporters who had gathered in front of the building stormed during a joint congressional session to finalize Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

After Trump supporters and protesters entered the US Capitol in Washington, D.C., congressional security forces shot and killed a woman. In addition, three other women were killed and dozens more were injured.

Following the incidents, some Democratic officials and lawmakers accused Trump of promoting violence and called for his impeachment. Members of the House Judiciary Committee also released a draft of Trump’s impeachment bill for abusing power and inciting his supporters to attack Congress.

Others have called on current Vice President Mike Pence to remove him from power, citing the 25th Amendment. However, Pence opposed the move, and the White House said in a statement about Congress’ efforts to advance Trump’s new impeachment: “As President Trump said yesterday, this is a time for healing and unity as a nation. “A politically motivated impeachment against the president, with 12 days left in his term, will only lead to the further disintegration of our great country.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who pioneered Trump’s impeachment, stressed Saturday morning that Democrats hope Trump will resign immediately or face a 25-constitutional amendment or impeachment.

“The hope of the members is that the president will resign immediately,” he said. “But if he did not do so, I ordered the commissions to be ready to advance the 25th amendment to the constitution and impeachment.”

However, three White House advisers told CNN that Trump had no intention of stepping down. “He does not think he has made a mistake,” said one adviser, calling Trump “zero.”

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