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Artificial Intelligence is a tool that enables marketers to create highly personalized customer experiences, increases the organization’s responsiveness, and solve customers’ problems. In this paper, the chatbot is analyzed as an artificial intelligence tool in marketing, its today’s application, as well as its future potential in the above-mentioned field. A survey of respondents’ behaviors, habits, and expectations when using different communication channels was conducted, with particular emphasis on chatbots, their advantages, and disadvantages in relation to other communication channels, in the total sum of 60 survey respondents. The results showed that the greatest advantage of using chatbots in the marketing service was when providing simple, fast obtained information, but also showed respondents’ fear of chatbots giving them the wrong information. Organizations should consider using chatbots, especially if challenges in communication with customers are a reality, but also if they intend to keep up with the growing number of consumers’ lifestyles.

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Artificial intelligence with the development of technology, and consequently the development of technical capabilities, is gaining increasing attention from both the scientific community and the general public. A growing number of projects aim to incorporate artificial intelligence into business flows and potentially benefit from the aforementioned implementation. The goal of marketing, from the perspective of the writer of this paper, is the resale of good or service. Continuous sales i.e. a satisfied customer who has an added value from the product or service purchased, and then returns to make the purchase again. With the entry of artificial intelligence into the marketing sphere, opportunities increase. Using a machine that can track customer behavior, document observed behavior, and notice patterns, it will be possible to create personalized products and services, giving marketers far more opportunities.

The role and potential of artificial intelligence in marketing will be explained in the following section, with a focus on chatbots and conducted survey will be presented, which examined behavior, habits, and expectations of respondents while using different communication channels, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that chatbots have compared to other channels of communication.

There are many different expert definitions that explain what artificial intelligence is. The definition of Demis Hasibis, co-founder and CEO of Google DeepMind is widely accepted, he defines artificial intelligence as “the science of constructing smart machines.” Smart machines in this case signify the level of success of copying the human mindset [1]. Artificial intelligence enables marketers to create highly personalized customer experiences while costing less than expensive, traditional marketing campaigns. Any user interaction with a product or service is used to optimize and personalize that product/service in the future. Artificial intelligence has transitioned from a concept used in science fiction to today’s technological reality. According to a PwC survey [2], 72% of marketers interviewed see the use of artificial intelligence as a business advantage. With customer data, companies can make their offer more relevant and gain a competitive edge: 1. They can produce more consumer-oriented products. 2. They can provide more consumer-oriented services. 3. They can more accurately determine the target market, resulting in a higher conversion rate. 4. They can fully meet the needs of their customers. Data becomes the most valuable capital of an organization. With the increase in the amount of data, its usability for the purpose of artificial intelligence development through machine learning also increases. Large amounts of data are necessary to build, test, and prepare artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has great potential when it comes to improving industrial sectors. It has been used by financial firms, the automotive industry, law firms, etc. Owning data and analyzing it through the use of artificial intelligence has become essential for businesses looking to outperform their competition. As already stated, artificial intelligence is not recently invented. However, long after its discovery, the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning remained a mystery because we were unable to collect large amounts of data but from different sources and across categories in order to cross each other later. As large amounts of data were necessary to build and test artificial intelligence-based machines, no major leap was made in the development of artificial intelligence at that time.


After covering the topics of marketing, artificial intelligence, and chatbots from the theoretical and side and their influence on the marketing practice of today, one gets the impression that the given influence will be increasing. Chatbots, although a rule-based type, is already widespread and widely used by humans. With the further development of technology, artificial intelligence will become more accessible and further explored, so its practical application will grow further and at some point, much of the operational communication will take place with machines based on artificial intelligence. In the survey, the results showed that the greatest advantage of using chatbots in marketing is the provision of simple, fast information, but they also showed the fear of respondents getting the wrong information from chatbots, which is something that needs to be resolved in the future. With the aforementioned increase in the availability of artificial intelligence technology and its application to the realm of chatbots, organizations should consider the benefits they can have, especially in the face of challenges in communicating with customers but also if they intend to keep up with the lifestyle of a growing consumer.

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Artificial Intelligence Marketing: Chatbots



U. Arsenijevic and M. Jovic




Artificial Intelligence Marketing: Chatbots,

Publish in

2019 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Innovations (IC-AIAI), Belgrade, Serbia, 2019, pp. 19-193,



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