Documenting project processes in an organization

Project managers must identify and manage a large number of related or interactive processes in order to operate effectively. Often the output of one process is the direct input (feed) of the next process. In the systematic identification and management of the processes used in a project and especially the interaction between these processes, which is called the process approach, it is suggested that when the related activities and resources are managed as a process, a more desirable and efficient result is obtained.

clubhouse Security

Security breach on Clubhouse app – clubhouse Security | part 3

The clubhouse has a security problem A security problem in a clubhouse can reveal users’ personal information and audio files. The phonearena, Clubhouse that the last few months has launched …

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The Clubhouse phenomenon

The Clubhouse phenomenon: do we need another social network?Part 2

Amplifying the Clubhouse phenomenon These days, there are fewer clubs that do not mention the “Club House“. Although on this platform, unlike its other competitors such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, …

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Suez Canal

The cargo ship that had blocked the Suez Canal set off

A giant container ship the length of four football pitches has become wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal, blocking one of the world’s busiest trade routes. Dozens of vessels are stuck, waiting for rescue boats to free the 400m-long (1,312ft) ship, which was knocked off course by strong winds. Egypt has reopened the canal’s older channel to divert some traffic until the grounded ship can move again. The container ship Ever Given, owned by the Japanese company Shoei Kisen and operated by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine, sank a week ago at 151 km of the Suez Canal en route from China to Rotterdam. The length of this ship is 400 meters, its width is 59 meters and it’s carrying capacity is about 224 thousand tons.

Covid-19 vaccination

17,01,2021 Covid-19 vaccination in the world

With the start of the distribution of Corona vaccine in different countries of the world, many high-risk groups including medical staff and the elderly in different countries of the world as well as eight countries in the region including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Oman and Turkey. They have received a dose of this vaccine.

donalad trump account

All social networks that have blocked or closed Trump account

Following President Donald Trump’s supporters’ attack on the Congress building, some social networks and other cyberspace platforms have blocked or blocked his accounts on the pretext that he called on his supporters to resort to violence.

Axios News has published a list of these platforms, which you will read below.

Ali Esfandryari, dit Nima Youchidj. Cet article est extrait de l'ouvrage Larousse « Dictionnaire mondial des littératures ».

گراند هتل تهران | واکاوی زندگینامه وآثار ویگن دِردِریان

:مقدمه ویگن دِردِریان معروف به نام هنری ویگن از محبوبترین و معروفترین خوانندگان ایرانی نسل های قدیمی قبل از انقلاب و حتی نسل های جدید است. وی ارمنی تبار بوده …

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