White paper

What is a white paper?

The White Paper is a report that addresses specific issues or problems in a field; It then offers a solution. The White Paper was first published by the British government in the early 20th century; In it, the government proposes new policies and rules of expression that are still being used for this purpose.

white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

White paper

Since the early 1990s, the white paper has become a business marketing tool (B2B). Then, white papers were widely used by IT companies. Because the products and services of these companies are expensive and complicated. The customer needs before buying; To be convinced that he needs this product.

Today, increasingly, management consulting firms, engineering firms, banks, law firms, and other businesses are also using white paper. White articles are an ideal and efficient way to explain anything, from new production processes to the impact of a new government on business.

White papers are usually long reports with useful arguments and data; Which are written by experienced analysts. But to gain the trust of the audience, these reports must be written impartially and provide viable solutions to problems.

When goods and services are more expensive, the client until all the facts and information about the product not to be persuaded to buy there. Of course, customers will talk to other people about your product before you buy it. Therefore, the more information you have about your company or product, the more likely it is that sales will result. This information can be provided to customers through white papers.

White Paper (White paper) a report (Report valid) or tips to help readers is to understand a problem, solve a problem, or make a decision will be developed.

White Piper or White Paper is used in two main areas:

  • Government
  • Business Marketing

The white paper is merely a collaborative tool for documenting,  not a definitive, immutable document.

The white paper is:

From a compelling, credible and in- depth report on a particular issue that expresses an issue and its solution .

Marketers prepare a white paper to inform their audiences, and to create a specific methodology. Such articles are an advanced way to solve problems. For this purpose, at least one e-mail address is required for download (of course, it should be emphasized that often more information is needed) through which various instructions are received.

The white paper has different meanings in different governments, for example in Canada, the white paper is a political document passed by the government or the House of Commons that is available to the public.

In politics, white papers are used as a means of presenting the preferences or political priorities of governments before introducing these preferences as law. For example, the publication of a white paper on a particular political field enables the government to assess the state of public opinion on the issue and its possible consequences.

After the 1990s, the term white paper was also used to refer to commercial documents and sales tools in the business. White articles in the business refer to design forms that are used to improve and enhance the quality of services and products offered by a particular partner.

In the field of trade and business, white papers are academic articles on marketing topics that readers expect to see in their writing using credible resources and many skills and expertise.

While writing a blog and e-book may take hours to weeks. But it takes time to write a good white paper for months. The tone used in these articles is usually more serious and more research-intensive than blogs.

It’s annoying that most people don’t like to read white papers. But because they want to know, they have to use what is written by industry experts.

You may also be wondering if these articles are boring, why do marketers publish them? In response, it should be said that because these articles are excellent sources for the success of the sales team and gain the trust of readers. Most people who use white papers are categorized as having more than one customer cycle.

Imagine, for example, working for an organization that sells kitchen cleaning equipment. You have written a white paper on how to maintain and inspect commercial kitchens. This white paper is likely to contain information about the legal equipment for air conditioning, cooking, and cleaning equipment.

These articles can be a great resource for restaurant owners to understand how to maintain their kitchen to be successful in the inspection process. When they find out how much they need to keep their kitchen clean, they will buy you expensive cleaning equipment because they will identify you as a useful and reputable resource.

White article features

  • The number of pages of an article is
    usually less than six, and includes descriptions, charts, references, and resources used. If necessary, in some cases, depending on the subject in more detail, it may exceed 50 pages.
  • The structure of the
    the white paper article usually includes the following:

Title page, table of contents, a summary of how to do the job  (which of course is optional but useful), introduction, several pages to give the reader information about the subject and the problem; Several pages in which the hypotheses of a solution are expressed; Several pages also provide examples of different companies and organizations that have used the property solution to achieve their goals.

  • Density and compression are
    usually more compact than an e-book. It is easy to review white papers only once, with a brief overview, but they must be read several times to be able to understand all of its contents.
  • The template is
    usually in the form of a PDF file measuring 8.5 by 11 inches, the tabs of which are arranged vertically.

Tips for preparing a white paper

A white paper containing a specific problem or problem, along with one or more specific scientific and practical solutions, is difficult to solve; From the language of a person or persons who have experienced different ways in a particular field. They have reached the best practices among the ways available in that particular field.

The purpose of presenting a white paper should be to clarify the issue or problem in question. Readers should be on a clear and precise path to minimize problems at work.

The subject of the white paper, whether the author or the reader is interested in it, aims to solve the problem of the reader. Due to the reader’s thirst for searching, finding, and reading content in the form of a white article (according to the definition of virtual society), the author of the white paper should try to attract the reader’s attention in the very first paragraphs.

To do this, various or parallel solutions in the field in question must be mentioned. Focus on the points of pain that your reader has experienced and failed at least one of those solutions in practice.

The discussion of pain causes a kind of empathy and unity between the writer and the reader to solve the problem. Make the article more successful. Attempts should be made to address various challenges in the field in question, so that at least one or more of them, as a point of pain for the reader, will encourage him to continue reading the article.

In preparing a white paper, such as the well-known topic of “fishing instruction instead of fishing,” it is necessary to address how to solve the problem instead of addressing the real problem.

Since some readers read the beginning of the article first and continue to read it if they are interested. Should be tried at the beginning of the article or white paper is an introduction to the attention of the reader to continue reading this article, findings, and recommendations from the author or authors over there.

Given that some readers, by rejecting all the contents of the article, first read the concluding section at the end of the article, an attempt should be made to summarize the results, recommendations, and important points at the end of the article. Furthermore, since most articles are not read completely and completely for various reasons. It is best not to refer to all-important material at the end of the article.

The solution section is, in fact, the main focus of the white paper. Therefore, the solution must be explained in simple and clear language that the reader can easily follow. In the description of the solution, various technical and scientific aspects of the subject should be mentioned and the necessary materials should be provided in each field.

In describing the solutions, the advantages of each solution and helping the reader to adapt it to their circumstances should be mentioned.

In preparing white papers, one should avoid dealing with what readers of such papers naturally know. If it is necessary to address such issues for specific reasons, the reasons for this must be clarified before describing these cases.

In the description of the solutions, it is better to point out the special and successful aspects of each solution that the reader will be successful or with a high percentage if successful.

It is best to use diagrams to describe the solution and workflow, to develop and clarify the content described.

It is a good idea to re-read the article on different days and hours before clearing the article for others to read and to make adjustments.

As a matter of principle, let’s ask ourselves whether the prepared article can solve my problem in the relevant field. If not, why and in this case, make the necessary corrections in the article prepared to achieve this position.

The general layout of white articles

  • Introduction
  • Explain the issue and the problem discussed in the white paper
  • Description of the practical experience of the author of the article
  • Experienced issues and problems The author of the article separately:
  1. Problem description with emphasis on pain points
  2. Possible solutions and advantages and disadvantages of each
  3. The best solution experienced by the author of the article
  4. Necessary conditions for success The best solution experienced by the author of the article
  • Conclusion
  • Resources and references used

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