Comparative Analysis of Google Panda and Penguin SEO Algorithms on Blogs

Comparative Analysis of Google Panda and Penguin SEO Algorithms on Blogs

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In this Paper, a Comparative Study of the Google Search Engine Optimization Algorithms i.e. Panda and Penguin are done. Panda is a Content-Based Algorithm and the Penguin is the Linking based Algorithm. We have created two Blogs on Google’s Blogger to analyze the algorithm effects on the Blogs. The Factors of the SEO Algorithm are implemented with the help of the Online SEO tool available. This Research will be helpful for those who want to study the algorithm effects to get the Higher Rank in the Search Engine Result.


SEO, Off-Page, On-Page, Panda, Penguin


Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that refers to the process of improving traffic to a website by increasing the visibility of the site in search engine results. SEO helps search engines to give the highest-ranking to a particular website so that it could be shown at the top of the search engine result page in response to the user search query. And the searched data must be relevant to the user query. If a website get place at top of the results then there are more chances of the user visiting that web site. To do so websites use no. of optimization methods. Although search engines use many algorithms and techniques to produce the results on time, it is difficult to crawl around billions and billions of pages. To help the search engines retrieve the results faster the website developers use many search engine optimization tactics. [1] Conceptually, there are two ways of doing SEO are:

  •      On-Page SEO- On-site optimization focuses on factors affecting the website to do with its hosting, structure, accessibility, and content. [3]
  •     Off-Page SEO- Off-site optimizations factors are all to do with links and how well integrated the users are into the networks online. [2]

Panda (Content-Based)

Panda is an SEO Algorithm that affects the Blogs and website publishing the Duplicate Content. The Duplicate Content can be from any source i.e. from Journals, Online Websites and Research works. No website or the Blog can get high SERP without following the Algorithmic factors. Google Penalize the sites that have duplicate content. Websites having the Poor Backlinks will not be directly affected by the Panda unless the Links on the website should not be from the sites having the Low- Quality Content. Panda affects sites that pass a threshold for low-class or duplicate content on your site. So the Prime concern of the Panda Algorithm is on-site content i.e. to eliminate or replace any content that is redundant, poorly written, or that does not do a decent job of resolving problems for visitors. [5]

Penguin (Links Based)

Penguin is the Google SEO Algorithm that focuses on Quality Backlinks. Google Penalize the Websites or the Blogs having the Backlinks from the sources having very low page rank. The Websites and the Blogs should have a large Number of High-Quality Back Links from the Authorized Sources to achieve the High Rank in Google Search. [6].


From this Research Work, We have concluded that the Penguin Algorithm works better than the Panda Algorithm by providing approx. 80% better results in terms of traffic. So the WebMasters should focus on the Link level SEO than the Content level SEO as it can help them to get increase the SERP of their Blogs or websites.

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Comparative Analysis of Google Panda and Penguin SEO Algorithms on Blogs



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Comparative Analysis of Google Panda and Penguin SEO Algorithms on Blogs

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