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The French lessons (to learning French) and comprehension exercises on this site are ranked according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which describes six levels of language proficiency.

Click any link for French lessons and exercises appropriate to that level, or get some info about the official proficiency tests and tips on how to prepare for them.

Kaviani Scientific Research Association is currently offering 3 free french online classes. These courses are for levels A1, A2, and B1.

The aim of these courses is to not only teach French but also to introduce French culture to newly arrived foreigners. So if you are want to live in France or already living in France as a student, immigrant, expatriate, etc, these courses are for you.

These courses are designed to help newcomers reach the A1, A2, and B1 levels(for learning French) of the European Reference Framework for Languages (CEFR). These 3 online courses aim to help them to be more independent in their daily life and their administrative procedures.

French Lessons
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The Kavian Scientific Research Association (KSRA) is a non-profit research organization to provide research / educational services in December 2013. The members of the community had formed a virtual group on the Viber social network. The core of the Kavian Scientific Association was formed with these members as founders. These individuals, led by Professor Siavosh Kaviani, decided to launch a scientific / research association with an emphasis on education.

KSRA research association, as a non-profit research firm, is committed to providing research services in the field of knowledge. The main beneficiaries of this association are public or private knowledge-based companies, students, researchers, researchers, professors, universities, and industrial and semi-industrial centers around the world.

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The KSRA team partners with local under-served communities around the world to improve the access to and quality of knowledge based on education, amplify and augment learning programs where they exist, and create new opportunities for e-learning where traditional education systems are lacking or non-existent.