French Lessons - a1 level introductory french

Beginner French Course Index A1

Start Learning French With Confidence – A1 level introductory french

As a French beginner, your goals should be:

  •  to be confident enough so that you are not afraid to exchange a few words with a French person,
  •  get a grip of French pronunciation so you can understand the French when they speak to you, and be understood by them,
  •  handle basic conversations in specific situations,
  •  Notice quick results and feel good about yourself.

A1 level French introductory course

About A1 level introductory French language course

 The ideal conditions for learning French at the Ksra Learning Academy have always introduced this institute at the top of the list of the best French-language schools in the world  Curricula courses French language elementary level A1 according to CEFR levels set according to a global standard. In fact, the different levels of French defined by CEFR determine how fluent you are in French. Also, standard French language tests such as the TFI test, DALF test, TEF test, TCF test, DELF test are held in this institute. French language tests, like most tests in European countries, have 6 levels.


Textbook for the French introductory course

One of the newest and best French languages teaching methods, the Le Nouveau Taxi teaching method belongs to Hachette Publishing France, which is produced for teenagers and adults. One of the advantages of Le Nouveau Taxi books,   which distinguishes it from other methods and has made it especially popular with those interested in learning French, is the simplicity and fluency of the pieces of training and the application of common topics of daily life, high-quality books, and files. He mentioned the use of new terms and phrases and the current day in France. Also, in teaching this method, the learner plays the main role and most of the class activities will be grouped, as a result, the learner’s conversation is strengthened day by day.

Length of basic French-language course level A1

French language courses in KSRA Learning Academy are being held with the following features:

 French language course from beginner to advanced is held in a maximum of 12 semesters. The length of each semester is dependent on trying and the number of sessions per semester is 15 sessions. These courses are held using the best experienced and educated professors. For applicants for private courses, the best private tutor in France is considered.

This course is held thermally, three days a week (one session. 90 minutes per day), intensive course three days a week (one 180-minute session per day), and weekends (each 180-minute session). To be.

Prerequisites for the French language introductory course:

This course has no prerequisites.

Ages :

There is no age limit for participating in the basic A1 French course and it is for all age groups.

What will you be able to do after completing the A1 level introductory French course?

In fact, the French introductory course includes levels of A1 and A2. After completing level A1, the applicant can understand and use everyday words and basic sentences that relate to specific and specific needs. The applicant will also be able to introduce himself/herself and ask questions in his / her daily communication with others.

If you would like to consult with KSRA Learning Academy to enroll in the A1 Introductory French Language Course, please follow us at this link:

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