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What is Google Search Console Manual

What reports are you looking for in Google Search Console? Is Your Purpose To View Backlinks? Or looking for site monitoring errors for their Redirect 301? Have you ever looked at the URL parameters section? You can use Google Search Console for just about anything. Here we put good Google Search Console manual / Google Search Console Training( Webmaster Tools) for users.

Keep in mind that Google has renamed its Webmaster Tool in 2015 to Console Search.

With each coming year, new statistical data is added to Google Search Console. If we look at it realistically, this tool can help us a lot in preventing a disaster on the SEO site.

The new version of the Console Survey was introduced in January 2018 and made available to users. This tool, in September this year from trial mode beta was removed. So it’s time to give you a new version of this tool.

Note that Google Search Console is constantly being updated, and some features are being removed from the old version and redirected to the new version. So, while you are reading this, there may be slight differences between what you are studying and what is there. All we try to do is keep up to date with the console’s changes.

To teach Google Search Console, we have divided it into sections. You will be given reports in each of these sections. You can find this data in SEO site reports use.

What will you learn in this Google Search Console tutorial?

To make this easier to read, we have divided it into four sections. Each of these four sections is part of the main Google Search Console in its menu:

  • Search Appearance
  • Search Traffic
  • Google Index
  • Crawl

Surely you have already received a notification in the Google Messages section of the Google Search Console that a new version of this tool will be introduced to you. This message is something like the following:

To sign in to Google Search for the new console, just logged into your account and click on the top use the new Search Console click.