lesson 1 – Google Search Console: Search Appearance

Search Appearance

An SEO expert There is a lot of emphasis on this part, and it is constantly being addressed. You expect the correct implementation of the structured data to be approved here, and no duplicate meta tags have been reported on the site pages.

Just on the fever Search Appearance In the left-hand menu of Google Search Console to see all the reports below this section. Let’s start from here.

Structured Data

the part Structured Data What does Google tell us at Google’s search console?

Any website owner or company can understand that implementing structured data is difficult. You may have added the relevant code to the pages, but you won’t see anything in the search results.

Fortunately, Google has done the hard work for us. After placing structured data on-site pages to the path Google Search Console> Search Appearance> Structured Data Go and check for possible errors. You might encounter something like the picture below after going to this section:

How problematic Structured Data Fix it in Google Search Console?

Apart from any structured data you use on the site, there is certainly a report for you here. If you use these reports correctly, you can expect to see higher click-through rates and indexed pages in the future.

While structured data is not a ranking factor, its troubleshooting improves the user experience. To solve the problem of structured data in Google Search Console, we need to investigate each error separately. To do this, you can use the tool Structured Data Testing Tool use.

Let’s go back to the previous example. This site has 899 pages with 1772 error entry is.


We know structured data entry, They should include a title and author so as not to cause errors. It has 899 pages which have 1772 errors Henry All are included in the site’s categorization pages.

These categorization pages that are part of the blog site of the site should not be structured with data at all Henry Has been bookmarked, so this code should be removed from the category pages. If you work with a team of developers, we suggest working with them to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Rich Cards

Rich Cards, What’s in Google’s console search?

Remember the last time you were looking for a recipe on your smartphone? What about movie playing time?

If you have information about recipes, courses, movies, or a job, this data can be formatted Rich Cards Appear in search results. If you are a professional and interested in tracking down errors, Google’s console search is where you should look for these.

The report in this section tells you what Rich Card Indexed indexes and what errors were observed.

How Rich Cards Create a console to display on Google?

You cannot generate data for any kind of data right now, Rich Cards Tap. Only catering orders, courses, videos, and jobs are the data that are supported. Rich Card’s Google Search Console uses schema data to display more engaging content that enhances the user experience on mobile devices.

Reports Rich Cards To monitor and monitor Rich Snippets, schema, AMP, And indexes the apps. After the construction of Rich Cards, You can take advantage of the report here and see possible errors. If you make an error with any Rich Card See, most likely Rich Cards of The relevant ones will not appear in the search results.

Data Highlighter

What is Tool Data Highlighter?

If you’re a fan of Google’s console search, then you have something in common with us. Though tools Data Highlighter Not to be outdone, one of our favorite tools in Google Console search.

Did you know, for example, that you can address structured data degrees directly in this section? Or put them on your site without the help of a developer?

How To Tool Data Highlighter To use?

Rich snippets have been proven to increase click-through rates in search results. It is therefore essential to have websites with content, book reviews, events, local businesses, and products from Data Highlighter To use.

For example, we highlight a story on the site:

  • First, on the Google Search Console route Search Appearance> Data Highlighter go.
  • On the option Start highlighting click

data highlighter

  • Select your highlight option.


  • Use the mouse to highlight sections of the page and pair them with the required components.


  • Once you’re done, you’ll see a list of highlighted data.


HTML Improvements (Old version)

What are report HTML Improvements?

Are you heavily involved in increasing click-through rates on search results? Did you spend many nights promoting the site’s meta-discrepancies? If you have experienced such a situation, report section HTML Improvements It’s like fulfilling your dreams.

This report looks at metadata errors. Repeated page titles or discredits are among the data in this report. This report looks at how your site is viewed by Google.


How To Fix Errors, HTML Improvements Pay?

This tool can identify similar URL problems caused by uppercase and lowercase letters or duplicate pages. To fix the problem and section errors HTML Improvements, follow the steps below for each part of this report:

  • Duplicate meta: You will probably notice that some of these pages are reported here because of the parameters added to the URL. The layouts of a category are also commonly found here.


  • Short or long meta: This section reports metadata that is either short or very long. Ideally, write meta-discrimination between 120 and 150 characters and page title below 70 characters.
  • No metadata: Here you can find pages that you forgot to write titles or discredit and come back to fix them.

After making changes and fixing any reported issues, use the tool Fetch as Google At Google Console, make sure Google is aware of these solutions.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (new version)

What is the AMP Report?

We welcome any opportunity you can to increase the site’s loading speed. Implementing mobile hotspots on the web can be very close to this goal.

After implementing this feature on the site, there will probably be errors in this implementation. Here is the section report AMP, Google’s console will be your best friend.

Report AMP, Available in both the old and new versions of the console. The following is a screenshot of the report AMP In the new version of the Google Search Console.


How to use the AMP report?

Report AMP Google Search Console allows you to review and monitor pages AMP Pay. You can implement any problems using the features in this section AMP See. You can also use the tool if you make changes and make sure to fix the issue AMP Test Use Google.

If used Rich Cards, Probably some issues after implementation of AMP, You’ll see about that. These issues are also visible and even separable from this section.

Generally Google in this section any issues in implementation, AMP Will report to site owners.