lesson 2 – Google Search Console: Search Traffic

Search Traffic

Any professional questioner knows what this section is about. The part Search analytics The old version of the site will show you the most popular pages. The part links to your site Also display and links to your site’s backlinks internal links It also shows the internal links viewed by Google.

Below we review valuable information and reports in this section.

Performance (With the old name: Search Analytics)

What is a Performance Report?

The part Search Analytics It has been removed from the old console in general and must be returned to the new console to check its data.

In the past, you have finally accessed the last 90 days of reports about clicks and displaying the site in search results. But on the new console, you can see reports of this up to the last 16 months.

You can refine the data here using the options below:

  • Queries: Search terms
  • Pages: Landing pages
  • Countries: the countries
  • Devices: Devices
  • Search Type: Search Type( web, photo, video)


Section Reports Performance You can see under the tab Status See. It is also possible to filter the results based on the following parameters:

  • Job posting
  • Results Rich
  • Pages AMP
  • Results Non-rich AMP

If one of your important criteria in site analysis is traffic and site rank in different keywords, this section is ready for you. This section can also help you get ideas for writing content.

What reports can be made in this section?

Using the 16-month report, you can effectively see the performance of site content in search results. If you are a spreadsheet enthusiast (Spreadsheet) We recommend that you use the plugin Search Analytics for Sheets Use for Google Chrome.

For example, note the spreadsheet created by this plugin:


Using this data, you can specify the following items:

  • Highest Pages
  • Pages with CTR Down
  • Number of clicks per keyword
  • Number of site views per keyword search

For example, we use this data to identify pages whose meta-discrimination requires rewriting. If a page on your site has high visibility but very few clicks, the page title or meta description may not have good feedback.


Links to Your Site

What is the Links Report of Your Site?

In an ideal world, all websites have quality backlinks from many web pages. In a more ideal world, your website is like the big sites of the world CNN, Entrepreneur, And other sites have backlinks. But the truth is not.

Report Links to Your Site, Google Search Console shows you what other sites have backlinks to your site.

How to View Backlinks and Spam Items Disavow do?

You should also be a little sensitive about the source of your backlinks. Given Google’s recent algorithms on backlinks, be aware of how Disavow Spam backlinks are also very important.

Follow the steps below to view backlinks reported in Google Search Console:

  • To the menu Links to Your Site, Go to Dashash
  • On the option Who links the most click
  • On the report Download the latest links click
  • Identify any abnormal patterns. By searching for these patterns you can identify spam backlinks and negative SEO attacks,  Be aware.


To find harmful backlinks and Disavow Download them on Google Webmaster, Follow these steps::

  • To the menu Links to Your Site, Go to Dashash
  • On the option Who links the most click
  • Items based on options Linked Pages Order
  • Manually check sites that have more than 100 backlinks to you.
  • The tool, Disavow Tool Google, uses this to upload files containing these backlinks so Google will ignore them. Use this prudent Google tool and do your best to inactivate backlinks first.


Internal Links

What is the Internal Links Report?

Importance of internal links For many of us, it is obvious. Internal links are very influential on the site’s internal structure.

As different backlinks differ in credit, internal links also differ and make a lot of difference. Reports of internal links to the site tell Google what pages are most significant to your site.

How to report Internal Links To use?

If you are a home appliance company and your main business is home appliance sales, surely the most important page on your site should be the home appliance repair page. But if, in fact, the page about our site has received the most internal links, then you should reconsider your internal links strategy.


Manual Actions

Report Manual Actions Give us a message on the Google Search Console?

We hope you never have to use this part. If your website violates Google’s rules, you will probably receive notice here. If this is the case, you will see an image like the one below:

manual action

How to solve the problems reported in Manual Actions Pay?

If you are likely to notice a violation of Google’s laws in this area, you will need to submit a review request to Google once the issue is resolved. Creating a review request will probably require a great deal of time and effort.

For example, if the posting is about abnormal linking to your site, you can follow the steps below:

  • Create a campaign to remove spam links.
  • From the tool Google Sheets, Use spam links to keep Google aware of your ongoing activity in the field.
  • The final file of spam links to Disavow Submits to Google.
  • In your answer, explain the cause of the problem and explain the steps you took to fix the backlink problem.

International Targeting

What is International Targeting Report?

If your website is multilingual and has different versions for different countries, be sure to use the tags HREFlang You will need.

Tool International Targeting At Google’s console search, you will be notified of possible errors in using this tag. If you’ve used these tags once, you know it’s not as easy to use.

How to make the right country-specific settings in Google Search Console?

If you are targeting users in a particular country, be sure to check out Google Analytics site traffic sources before doing anything.

Mr. Gary Illyes, Google, has announced on Twitter that you will not see much change in traffic levels by choosing one country in particular. But if your website has a lot of traffic from a few countries, leave these settings to yourself.

Follow the steps below to select the target country:

  • After logging into Google’s console search, go to Route Search Traffic> International Targeting> Country go.
  • Here you can specify the target country of your website.

If you do not set this up, Google will automatically and from your locations, IPs, and information from your Google My Business, Guesses your location.

Mobile Usability

What is Mobile Usability Report?

In June 2016, Google launched a contract Mobile Usability In the search console. This is just the right time to introduce and move on to the mobile-first index was.

Report Mobile Usability Allows you to find and solve site design problems that have made it difficult to work with websites on mobile devices.

How problems are reported in Mobile Usability To solve?

A website that may be well displayed on the desktop may not perform well on mobile devices and may have a lot of clicking and scrolling issues. Such a website causes a high bounce rate on mobile devices and is not able to attract an audience.

The negative effects of such a design can diminish the site’s natural traffic and dramatically reduce the number of its customers.

Here to introduce common section errors in Mobile Usability, We will explain and explain the solution for each:

  • Content is wider than the page (Content wider than screen): Make sure your site page on mobile devices does not require horizontal scrolling.
  • Clickable sections near (Clickable elements too close together): Make sure the links and buttons on the site are sufficiently spaced.
  • Failed to implement tag Viewport (Viewport not configured): Meta tag Viewport Implement correctly to adjust the dimensions of the page to fit the user’s device.