Lesson3 -Google Search Console : Google Index

Google Index

If you are looking for some indexed site pages, identify the files CSS Blocking or temporarily hiding URLs from search results, section Google Index At Google Webmaster can get you started.

Report Google Index Google Webmaster Tools can provide you with data to learn more about how your site content works.

Coverage (With the old name: Index Status)

How to report Coverage To use?

the part Index Status In the previous version of Google Search Console, it displayed a schematic of the number of URLs indexed by the site in the last year.

In the new console, the section Coverage Displays a report of all indexed pages and pages that do not exist on your site map.


A list of available errors is also displayed as shown below.


So using this report you can monitor or dramatically increase the number of indexed pages and make the right decisions when you see that happening.

You can use the graph of this report to have a site index problem too (index bloat) Find out. By combining the data of this section with Google Analytics tools, webmasters can get a good overview of the site index status.

If the number of indexed pages differs significantly from the number of pages defined as site landing pages, it means that only a small percentage of indexed site pages can attract traffic.

How to trouble Index Bloat Find out on the site?

Follow these steps to find this problem:

  • After going to Google Search the new console to track Index> Coverage Go. You will probably see a graph like this below.


  • Go to Google search engine page and phrase site: example.com Search. Notice instead com, Set the domain of your site.


  • Check the listed pages and identify their patterns.
  • If you notice pages that should not be indexed, go back to the site panel and add the Navigation Index meta tag to such pages. After deleting them from the Google index, you can access the Google robots txt Block pages like this.

Blocked Resources

What are Blocked Resources Reports?

Section Report Blocked Resources It tells you that Google because of commands robots.txt What parts of the site are not accessible. The most common sections that are reported here are files CSS And they are JavaScript. The following is an example of a command robots.txt That block Google robots to access the Javascript folder files ajax Are coming back:


By blocking the folder ajax And apps Google will not have access to the resources within this folder and cannot use it in page rendering. This will harm the SEO of the site.

How problematic are Blocked Resources To solve?

Follow the steps below to gain access to Google:

  • Remove the commands that caused Google to block the file txt clean.
  • File txt Update and test it in the test tool of this file.
  • Check the pages and make sure they don’t use the noindex and nofollow metatags.
  • From tool Fetch As Google Use it and make sure the pages are rendered correctly.

The following image shows an example of 22 blocked pages from a site:

Shows Google Webmaster Tools Blocked Resources ReportShows Google Webmaster Tools Blocked Resources Report

The following image shows an example of two blocked sources from a site:


The first blocked source is Facebook and we can do nothing. The second blocked source is on the Amazon website. Because this website is from CDN Amazon uses it, not surprisingly in reporting this case.

Remove URLs

What is the Remove URLs Tool?

Tool Remove URLs In a word it can be complicated. Certainly, any professional query regarding the website of their clients faces the challenge of poor-quality pages.

With this tool, you can temporarily hide some site pages in search results. This tool can hold a URU for up to 90 days and take up to a day to apply.

How To Tool Remove URLs To use?

Follow the steps below before registering a URL in this tool:

  • Add the Navigation Index meta tag to each page.
  • Meta tag rel = canonicalAdd to any page.
  • Include USR in this tool.
  • This method can quickly clear a page from search results permanently