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Overview of the Access training course

Access is another software available in Microsoft Office that is part of database programs. Access is useful as a database for small and medium-sized businesses. A database is a collection of information that is in a neat structure and can retrieve information at any time. Many programmers use Access software to store information about the software they produce.

Working with Access software is a bit more specialized than other Microsoft Office software. With the help of Access software, a suitable database can be provided for companies and organizations that have been created to facilitate the maintenance, registration, search, and retrieval of the requested information. To work with Access, we must first become familiar with the basic concepts of a database and understand and implement things such as existence, communication, operating environment, a specific attribute, and so on.

This course is held under the supervision of professional technical organizations and with the use of experienced professors with experience in a full educational environment that is approved by this organization. Job seekers, after completing the Access course, can enter the information of the employees, students, or employees of an institution, then design the relevant forms and report on them as needed.

Note: A prerequisite for the Access course is familiarity with the basic ICDL and WORD.


Access course training program

Access software, like Excel software, is responsible for managing data and information, but their scope of operation is different and is much wider in Access. Learning access is a little different from other office software, we at the Reflection of Education Institute have tried to teach the basic concepts of Access in a simple, understandable, and practical language and act in such a way that job seekers make the most of it after learning this course. To take. Our instructors started the training from the beginner and beginner level, this course is suitable for beginners who have no familiarity with Access software.

This course is planned for job seekers who don’t need to participate in classes in groups based on the following lessons sessions, the duration of each lesson is one hour, and you don’t need to have a Professor.

Training resources Access training course

Access is an efficient software for building databases and creating small applications for accessing information, which can be used in most programming languages. It is noteworthy that in most applications that do not require databases with high volume and complexity, Access software is used. As mentioned earlier, the Microsoft Access training course is another in a series of seven ICDL skills.

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the basics of computers, i.e., have completed the basic ICDL and Word course, and want to pass the Access course, their ability, and skill in using the database to maintain data as well as retrieval. Increase registration information.

Who is the Access Course useful for?

Access is database software that makes it easier than any other software to create a database and store information such as accounting information, project control, warehouse, etc. it and does programming.

  • 1- Employees working in government and non-government offices
  • 2- Project managers
  • 3- Programmers
  • 4- Accountants
  • 5- Students
  • 6- People who need a job promotion
  • 7- Those interested in Office software

What you will learn in the Access course.

Participants in the Access training course are generally familiar with all the points and topics that a job seeker should be aware of in designing and creating a database, retrieving information, and creating various reports.  In Access  training, the job seeker needs to learn the following :

  •   Introduction of terms
  •   Create a database
  •   Create a table and introduce its components
  •   Data Type Definition
  •   Field Properties
  •   Sorting information
  •   Correlation between tables
  •   Categorize records with the help of filters
  •   Create a query in Access
  •   Create forms and display information
  •   Create a report

Some applications of Access software

  1.   Organize a clear structure for better management of information recording
  2.   Create tables through which information is stored in a database
  3.   Provide a variety of login forms and work with information for users in a simple way
  4.   Sort, filter, and search data inside the bank
  5.   Print all kinds of reports from the data inside the bank
  6.   Connect with other software and exchange data with them

What questions will be answered in this course?

Access is one of the most common software in the field of creating a database, which will be responsible for small to medium databases such as an office or a small office system. Using Access, some daily work is done in companies and offices. Access is widely used in all fields, including programming, accounting, medicine, management, business, industry, computer, and many other fields and occupations.

Many of your questions will be answered by participating in the Access course of KSRA ACADEMIA. Some of these questions are as follows:



  • 1 . How to create a database?
  • 2 . How to connect different tables in the database?
  • 3 .  How to determine the data type for the content of the fields?
  • 4 .  What is the meaning of Primary Kay?
  • 5 . What is the purpose of linking tables in a database?
  • 6 . How to create a Lookup Wizard for fields?
  • 7 . How are Validation Rules created for number fields?
  • 8 . How to extract the desired data using a query?
  • 9 . How to create different forms for entering data?
  • 10 . How to print tables or queries using report creation?

How is an Access Certificate issued? 

KSRA ACADEMIA is one of the most prestigious training centers of professional technical organizations, which is licensed to hold many courses. One of these courses is the Access course.

Jobseekers who need an immediate degree as well as a valid access course that can be offered to companies and organizations for employment and employment can receive a valid internal certificate from the Reflection Science Institute after completing the course and very quickly, who have successfully passed this course. اند. However, if job seekers want an access degree from a professional technical organization, they must register for a professional technical degree after attending an access training course at the KSRA ACADEMIA.

The ICDL Seven Skills Science Reflection Training Institute is held separately, and a valid internal certificate is provided by the institute for each course.