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What is Excel software?

Excel, the fifth of the seven ICDL skills, is one of several Office suites produced by Microsoft Corporation. This program is in the category of office programs of this collection due to its capabilities. For this reason, it is one of the software that every office worker should be familiar with. But what exactly is Excel software?


Excel software was first introduced in 1987 in the form of Excel 2.0 for Windows. This software, together with the Office suite, belongs to Microsoft. Excel is spreadsheet software that is used for computing, charting, charting, and more. In addition to Windows, Microsoft has also developed this software for Macintosh users, and these users of this operating system can also use Excel in their daily work. In this course, the basics of powerful Excel software are taught. The target audience of this course is people who have no familiarity with Excel software and no experience working with it. In this course, the 2019 version of Office software has been used, but the content is presented in such a way that with other versions (from 2007 onwards) you will be able to practice topics with the least ambiguity. It should be noted that this course is set in such a way that users with the least familiarity with the computer will be able to follow it.

Overview of Excel training course

Excel software is one of the most useful Microsoft Office software. This software is used to create tables and their settings, formulate, perform mathematical calculations and draw graphs with graphic tools, as well as to store, analyze accounting and statistical information, and manage and analyze data.  

Skill and experience in Word and Excel software are one of the conditions for employment in offices and companies. Excel’s countless capabilities have made job seekers aware of its importance in engineering, administration, finance, and more, and looking to learn it. Excel can adequately prevent duplicate tasks and increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as prevent errors.

This course is held under the supervision of professional technical organizations and with the assistance of experienced professors with experience. After passing and completing the Excel course, jobseekers will learn how to create invoices, financial calculations, write formulas, get acquainted with common functions, draw various diagrams, and protect worksheets and printing principles.

Note: The prerequisite for the Excel course is familiarity with the basic ICDL and WORD.


Excel course training program

Learning Excel is a very broad topic, and anyone can learn according to their needs. At the Reflection of Science Institute, we have tried to teach the basic concepts of Excel in a simple, understandable and practical language, and to act in such a way those job seekers can make the most of it after learning this course. Our instructors start the training from beginner and beginner level, this course is suitable for beginners who have little familiarity with Excel software.

The training program of the Excel course is held in person and in absentia in the Reflection of Science training institute. Based on the cost and schedule, job seekers can participate in any of their desired courses and make the best use of the training.

This course is planned for job seekers who participate in online classes without any need for the professor., the duration of each session is one and a half hours.

Note: Prerequisites for Excel, Word and ICDL are introductory.

Excel training course training resources

Excel is a versatile tool for engineering, statistical, accounting, finance, formulation, and charting, and as mentioned earlier, the Microsoft Excel course is the fifth in a series of seven ICDL skills.

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the basic and basic principles of computers, that is, they have completed the basic ICDL and Word course, and want to draw their ability and skill in collecting, sorting, and processing information bypassing the Excel course. Increase tables, formulas, work with functions and report.

For this purpose, the professional technical organization has set standards for writing an Excel book with specific chapters. With this in mind, publishers have compiled and published Excel training books so that jobseeker can take the exam and receive an Excel certificate by completing the training course and studying the contents of the book.

Who is the Excel course useful for?

Excel is spreadsheet software used to collect, process, and sort data that can be text, numeric, date, or any other type of data.


1- Job seekers who intend to be employed in public and private companies

2- Employees working in governmental and non-governmental offices

3- Project managers

4- Accountants

5- Students

6- People who need a job promotion

7- Those interested in Office software

8- For housewives, teenagers, and young people

What you will learn in Excel.

Participants in the Excel training course are generally familiar with all the points and topics that a job seeker should be aware of in the field of formula writing, working with functions, drawing diagrams, and creating various worksheets. In  Excel  training, the job seeker needs to learn the following:

  Introducing the Excel environment

  Sorting data

  Paste options in Excel

  Use the Autofill tool

  Work with worksheets

  Fix rows and columns in Freeze Excel

  Create formulas

  Types of installation and absolute addressing

  Check and fix standard errors in Excel

  Using Function Computational Functions

  Use IF conditional functions

  Data formatting in Excel

  Condition Format

  Create a variety of charts

  Print preparation

Some applications of Excel software

  Fast and cheap software

  Performs duplicate operations automatically

  Record the purchases and sales of customers, each in a separate sheet of Excel

  Budget management for home and business finance

  Manage invoices and receipts

  Extract faster and simpler reports of complex data balances for managers

  Small practical tools for doing everyday tasks

  Engineering, statistical, accounting and financial calculations, formulation, project control and drawing various diagrams

What questions will be answered in this course?

Excel is one of the most useful softwares in the field of calculations and formula writing. Using Excel, many daily tasks are done in companies and offices. Excel has many applications in all fields, including accounting, hospitality, tourism, management, business, industry, computer, chemistry, physics, and many other fields and professions. The axle can be likened to a French wrench that is very labor-intensive.

You can solve many of the problems you encountered while working by taking the Excel course. Many of your questions will be answered by participating in the Excel course of the Science Reflection Educational Institute. Some of these questions are as follows:

1 . How to keep multiple rows or columns fixed in Excel?

2 . How to create an automated list in Excel?

3 .  How to search for the desired cell in Excel data?

4 .  How is Sort data sorted?

5 . How can we make an explanatory note for a cell?

6 . How can we create and protect worksheets?

7 . How can we create an invoice and perform computational operations in Excel?

8 . How to insert all kinds of formulas in cells?

9 . How to make a cell relative or absolute?

10 . How to recognize errors and fix them?

11 . How to work with widely used computational and conditional functions?

12 . How to design a table in Excel?

13 . How to create Wrap Text in a broken cell?

14 . How to create a custom chart in Excel and edit it?

15 . How to prepare a worksheet for printing?

16 . How to print a row or column head on all pages?

Our course contains the following Lessons:

Lessons 1: Excel Basics

Lessons 2: Working with Cells and Sheets

Lessons 3:Formulas and Functions

Lessons 4: Working with Data

Lessons 5: Doing More with Excel

Lesson 6: Extras



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