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ICDL Course: Microsoft PowerPoint training course

Overview of PowerPoint training course

Another software of Microsoft Office is PowerPoint software. This program is one of the most popular and reputable software and content presentation software, which is used to provide video reports, seminars, and training programs. In today’s world, providing information using the appropriate method is one of the effective methods of presentation.

With the help of this program, you can place textual information, images, shapes, animations, audio, and other items in the slides, and on the components of each slide, you can define an animation to make the work beautiful and show the slides in a row. Build educational videos, promotional videos, or various reports. In fact, with PowerPoint, you will be able to create any kind of visual document.

The PowerPoint training course is held under the supervision of professional technical organizations and doesn’t need to use experienced professors with a full educational illustrated environment. After passing the PowerPoint course, job seekers can insert various contents such as text, image, sound, and moving images in the slide and present their contents in a seminar with the help of a computer. He also learns how to create a demo/advertising program with the help of this software.

Note: Prerequisite for PowerPoint course is familiarity with introductory ICDL and WORD.

Figure 3 Power Point software training

PowerPoint’s course training program

PowerPoint is one of the easiest and most attractive educational software that is not limited to specific audiences and all social groups and the general job seekers can use it in any position. At the Reflection of Science Institute, we have tried to teach the basic concepts of PowerPoint in a simple, understandable, and practical language, and to act in such a way those job seekers can make the most of it after learning this course. Our instructors have started the training from the beginner and introductory level, this course is suitable for beginners who have little familiarity with PowerPoint software.

The PowerPoint course curriculum is held in person and in absentia at the Reflection of Science training institute. Job seekers can participate in any of the courses based on cost and schedule and make the best use of the training.

This course is planned for job seekers who participate in classes in groups based on 4 training sessions, the duration of each session is one and a half hours. For job seekers who attend private classes, classes are held in at least 3 sessions, if needed, the job seeker can book more sessions to solve the problem or more exercises based on a specific cost.

Note: Prerequisites for PowerPoint, Word, and ICDL are introductory.

Training resources PowerPoint training course

PowerPoint is a tool for creating visual presentations. With this tool, you can create slideshows that include text, images, shapes, animation, audio, and more, and as mentioned earlier, the Microsoft PowerPoint course is another of the seven skills of the ICDL course.

This course is designed for people who are familiar with the basics of computers, i.e., have completed the basic ICDL and Word courses, and want to increase their ability and skill in creating educational and promotional slides by passing the PowerPoint course.

To this end, the professional technical organization has set standards for writing a PowerPoint book with specific chapters. With this in mind, publishers have compiled and published PowerPoint textbooks so that job seekers can take the exam and receive a PowerPoint certificate by completing the training course and studying the contents of the book.

Who is the PowerPoint course useful for?

PowerPoint is software for presenting content in the form of displays, with the help of this program, slides can be created that include text, images, graphic shapes, animation, audio, and other items.

Figure 3 Power Point software training

1- Job seekers who intend to be employed in public and private companies

2- Employees working in governmental and non-governmental offices

3- Project managers

4- Students

5- Office software enthusiasts

6- University professors

7- Teachers

8- Business owners


What you will learn in the PowerPoint course.

Participants in the PowerPoint course are generally familiar with all the tips and topics that a job seeker should be aware of in terms of slide production, motion animation, and timing settings on a display of presentation files.  In PowerPoint training , the job seeker needs to learn the following.

  Introduction to PowerPoint environment

  Save presentation files with different extensions

  Layout selection methods

  Change design patterns (Themes)

  Ability to work with Slide Master

  Edit and format the components inside the slide

  Insert photos, tables, charts and insert graphic objects

  Create an operation button

  Create slide transitions

  Create motion effects on elements in slides (Custom Animation)

  Create a schedule on slides

  Slide Show settings

  Printing methods

Some applications of PowerPoint software

  Commercial offers for products and services

  Educational slideshows for classrooms and conferences

  Personal and visual displays such as family photo slideshows

  Marketing and sales items

  Occasional presentations (birthday, wedding, memorial, etc.)

  Presentation of project, budget or material issues

  Create visual reports, charts, and tables for each industry

What questions will be answered in this course?

PowerPoint is a simple software for building multimedia applications. This program is commonly used in seminars and lectures. A show includes a number of slides in which we can use diagrams, pictures, audio, music, and video.

You can solve many of the problems you encountered while working through the PowerPoint training course. Many of your questions will be answered by participating in the PowerPoint course of the Science Reflection Educational Institute. Some of these questions are as follows:

1 . How to convert presentation files to video?

2 . How is page layout done on slides?

3 .  How to save a presentation file with different extensions?

4 .  How to create a new theme and save it in the list?

5 . How to create a note page for slides?

6 . How to put a theme or logo on all slides? (Slide Master)

7 . How to auto-number slides?

8 . How to transfer Word or Excel files to PowerPoint?

9 . How to create Action Buttons on slides?

10 . How to move and slide on the generated slides properly?

11 . How to create different animations on each topic inside the slides?

12 . How to create animation in text boxes on letters?

Course Lessons and topics and quizzes:

This lesson contains the following list of lessons and topics and only has a Final Quiz.

PowerPoint Basics

Working with Slides

Text and Objects

More Objects

Review and Collaborating

Customizing Your Presentation




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