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Overview of Word training course

One of the most common word processors is WORD software. Word processor means the same as typing and editing, which word processing software provides the ability to write, edit documents, format, and print documents. This software is a product of Microsoft, which is included in the Microsoft Office software package and can be named as the most popular product of this company.

At the Reflection of Science training institute, we have made it possible for job seekers who are familiar with the basics of computers to be able to get closer to their work and scientific goals in a short time by participating in Word training courses. It should be noted that this software with special and functional capabilities is one of the best office software.

The Word training course is held under the supervision of professional technical organizations and doesn’t need to use experienced professors with a full educational illustrated environment. After passing the Word training course, job seekers will learn the basics of fast typing, page layout, table insertion, drawing shapes and diagrams, printing, and working with a printer.

 Note : A prerequisite for the Word course is an introductory ICDL introduction.

Figure 1 Word course

WORD course syllabus

At the Science Reflection Training Institute, we have tried to teach Word concepts in a simple, understandable, and practical language, and to act in such a way those job seekers can enjoy learning this course to the fullest.
Our instructors start the training from the beginner and beginner level, this course is suitable for beginners or those who are little familiar with Word software.
The Word course training program is held in the Reflection of Science educational institute, in person and in absentia. Job seekers can participate in any of their desired courses based on cost and schedule and make the best use of the training.
This course is planned for job seekers who participate in classes in groups based on 7 training sessions, the duration of each session is one and a half hours. For job seekers who attend private classes, classes are held between 4 and 5 sessions, depending on the amount of learning the job seeker has.

Word training course resources

The Word course is one of the most effective and practical Microsoft Office courses, and as mentioned earlier, the Microsoft Word course is the fourth of seven ICDL skills. This course is designed for people who are familiar with the basics of computers, i.e., have completed the basic ICDL course and want to increase their ability and skills in writing, table design, typing, and editing documents by taking the Word course.

To this end, the professional technical organization has set standards for writing WORD books with specific chapters. With this in mind, publishers have compiled and published Word educational books so those job seekers can take the exam and receive a Word degree by completing the training course and studying the contents of the book.

At KSRA Academia, we have provided the possibility of preparing the desired books for you, dear job seekers, just contact us to prepare the book.

 Who is the Word course useful for?

Word program is the best text editing software, which provides many capabilities in working with documents and editing it for the job seeker and allows the job seeker to easily and with the least time, personal and administrative documents you need to create.

Microsoft word



1- Job seekers who intend to be employed in public and private companies

2- Employees working in governmental and non-governmental offices

3- Students who have to submit a dissertation and work report at the end of their training course

4- People who need a job promotion

5- Office software enthusiasts

6- For housewives, teenagers and young people

What you will learn in the Word course.

Participants in the Word course are generally familiar with all the points and topics that a job seeker should be aware of when writing documents, editing, and printing.  In Word  training, the job seeker needs to learn the following :

  Word processor settings and familiarity with menus

  Document settings and familiarity with typing principles

  Create, save and edit a document

  Text formatting and paragraph alignment

  Typing math formulas

  Set Tab key jump

  Create numbered and bookmarked lists

  Use styles in the document

  Search and replace phrases in the document

  Ability to insert related objects and settings

  Create and format tables

  Drawing organizational charts in documents

  Insert a footnote in the document

  Create and adjust page header and footer

  Postal integration

  Prepare the document and adjust its output

  Automatic debugger feature

  Adjust page margins and print document

What questions will be answered in this course?

Word is one of the most popular text editing software in the world and is one of the first software that everyone tries to learn because every person will work with it in any job and educational position.
By taking the Word course, you can solve many of the problems you encountered while working. Many of your questions will be answered by participating in the Word Circle of the Reflection of Science Educational Institute. Some of these questions are as follows:

Figure 3 Word tutorial

1 . How to create a document in Word and save it in a specific path with the desired name?

2 . How to show the required toolbar and hide other toolbars?

3 .  How to format documents and edit in Word?

4 .  How can we search for words in Word and replace it with a new word?

5 . How to insert special characters (Symbol)?

6 . How are paragraph alignment methods performed?

7 . How to create a list?

8 . How to create a box around the text or page?

9 . How to create a table and customize the table formatting?

10 . How to create graphic themes (photos, geometric shapes, organizational charts, and art texts) inside the document and edit them?

11 . How to create a header and footer in the document?

12 . How to prepare a document for printing?

Course Lessons and topics and quizzes:

This lesson contains the following list of lessons and topics and only has a Final Quiz.

Word Basics

Working with Text

Layout and Printing

Working with Objects

Collaboration and Reviewing

Doing More with Word




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