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Microsoft OneNote

1- Description of Microsoft OneNote

Note-taking software is the Microsoft Office suite, first introduced with Microsoft Office 2003. The OneNote app is a place to collect, organize, search and share the information one needs. Different types of notes can be stored in notebooks, chapters, and on-page pages. This software can act as a personal notebook to prevent forgetfulness. ( Wiki )

OneNote has five main categories for classifying information, one of which can be categorized indefinitely for information, considering that one of its classes can be nested. The classification of information in OneNote is as follows:

  • Notebook: The highest level of information storage that is stored in the form of a folder and includes groups of chapters and chapters.
  • Section Group: The lower level of information storage that is stored as a folder inside the notebook folder and includes other chapters and chapters.
  • Section: Section: A level of storage that includes note pages. The chapter is stored in the computer memory.
  • Page: Page: pages for entering information. The information you enter in the OneNote Editing section is stored on pages. Of course, all pages of a chapter are stored in a file related to that chapter, and each does not have a separate file.
  • Subpage: These are the pages that are displayed with an indentation in the page header and become a subset of a page, and you can save detailed information about the contents of a page such as a critique and ambiguity and in this format.

Advantages of OneNote:

  • No restrictions on writing anywhere on the page
  • There is a very professional search for all notes
  • Ability to get output in various forms of posts
  • Ability to write in our own handwriting on a mobile phone or tablet
  • Strong support for whole range language

2- The items taught in this package

  • Familiarity with the basics of OneNote
  •  Introduction and how to get started with OneNote
  • How to create booklets in OneNote
  •  How to get output as well as encrypt folders
  •  How to back up
  •  Send content from OneNote to others’ emails
  •  Share a notebook with others
  •  How to plan our work in OneNote?
  • And …
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