In This Lecture You Will Learn:

  • About reuse in software development;
  • How object-orientation contributes to reuse;
  • How to identify and model aggregation, composition and generalisation;
  • An approach to modelling components;
  • About ‘patterns’ in software development;
  • How analysis patterns help to structure a model.


  • Bennett, McRobb and Farmer (2005)
  • Ambler (2003)
  • Cheesman and Daniels (2001)
  • Coad (1997)
  • Fowler (1997)
  • Object-Oriented Technology – From Diagram to Code with Visual Paradigm for UML, Curtis H.K. Tsang, Clarence S.W. Lau and Y.K. Leung, McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), 2005