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Online French Level Test

Many language learners intend to immigrate to different countries of the world for various reasons, and one of these countries is France. France has prominent universities in Europe, and this has attracted the attention of language learners who intend to immigrate to study in this country. Immigrating to France requires learning French.

French language tests

French is known to many learners as a language that has difficult grammar and makes it somewhat difficult to master French. To start teaching French, the learner must first know his / her language level and according to his / her level, prepare for exams such as TCF, TEF, DALF, and DELF exams and get the desired score of the universities in these exams. Earn.

What is the first step to learning French?

To learn French, the learner undoubtedly needs a French teacher to be able to reach the desired level in French in a short time. There are many French language classes in different schools of the country as well as different online schools, which by using these classes and learning the French language method, they reached the desired level of French in a short time.

How do we know about our French language level internationally?

French language levels are from A1 to C2 according to the CEFR standard, which is A1 level for beginner French and C2 for advanced level of French. To find out their level, the learner can take French language proficiency tests, which are also free, and answer a few classified questions, which are usually a combination of different questions of French grammar and French vocabulary over a period of time. Be briefed on your level of French and participate in an online French class tailored to your language level. French language teachers will accompany you with the best online teaching methods in Tika Online Language School and will help you to be most satisfied with your results in learning the language in order to participate in specialized French language tests as well as to strengthen various French language skills. you have.