Dialogue 2


In this dialogue, Mrs. Rostami is introducing herself to Saman. Many of the words in this dialogue are the same as the first dialogue of this lesson. Can you hear the words that mean ‘Mrs’, ‘teacher’, and the more formal way of saying ‘you’?

Here’s the dialogue:


خانمِ رُستَمی: سَلام. مَن رُستَمی هَستَم. اِسمِ شُما چیه؟

.سامان: سلام خانوم مُعَلّم. اِسم مَن سامانه



khānom-e rostami: salām. man rostami hastam. esm-e shomā chiye?

sāmān: salām khānum mo’allem. esm-e man sāmāne.



Mrs. Rostami: Hello. I am Rostami (My name is Rostami). What’s your name?

Saman: Hello (Miss) teacher. My name’s Saman.