Kaveh Aghasian Senior Enviromental expert

Senior Environmental Expert

As a senior Environmental Expert, I am involved in managing and reducing waste and minimizing pollution in order to protect, restore and preserve the planet

I’ll use my background in science and engineering to provide a healthy environment for the world’s population by disposing of waste, providing safe drinking water, controlling environmental hazards, improving recycling, and decreasing soil, water, and air pollution.

Depending on the employer, I may be known under the alternative title of:

  • geo-environmental engineer
  • safety and environmental engineer
  • sustainability engineer
  • civil environmental engineer
  • public health engineer.
Kaveh Aghasian

List of Courses/Researches

List of courses:

  • Solid Mechanic
  • Fluid Mechanic
  • Hydrology Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Waste Water Treatment Engineering
  • Water Treatment Engineering
  • Solid Waste Management


My Work

Professional Summary

Passionate Environmental Engineer dedicated to designing and assessing the environmental impact of engineering plans. Proficient at completing environmental investigations on upcoming engineering projects, developing and implementing environmental improvement programs, and collecting and analyzing field data. Specializes in developing goals and environmental parameters for engineering projects.


  • Good at collecting, analyzing, and manipulating scientific data

  • strong at report writing and interpreting reports written by other people

  • A good communicator, for discussing problems with other professionals

  • Able to meet strict project deadlines and work under pressure

  • A great organizer manages all the different phases of a project

  • Able to work with people from a range of disciplines and to collaborate toward a common goal

  • Technically inquisitive, with imaginative problem-solving skills

  • confident to ask questions and challenge the norm.

Core Qualifications

Environmental investigation
-Project reviews
-Environmental impact assessment
-Improvement programs
-Regulatory compliance
-Environmental policy
-Leadership and Communication (Analytical Thinking)
-Energetic & Creative
-Administered research programs and obtained funding for it.

Summary of work history:

      • Senior Consultant                                                                                                                2019–2023  

        Ksra Research Association Part-time, Remote, Paris, France       

      • Design, and develop Workplace Transformation strategies.
      • Prepare presentations and reports for leadership and stakeholder meetings and workshops.
      • Contribute to the development of new toolkits and content as part of the tactical delivery of change programs.
      • Researching and analyzing information (e.g., survey analysis, Space Utilization Study) for report generation and recommendations.
      • Work collaboratively with the other Consultants and the integral team.
      • Managing and liaising with key stakeholders.

      CEO                                                                                                                                         2019 – 2022

      Mika Sazeh Full time, Tehran, Iran                                                                     

      • As the Head of Project Management, I am responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing the construction of civil projects, ensuring the cost of quality, budgetary control, and inventory management.
      • I have experience in business acquisition and have managed multiple projects across multiple locations.
      • My expertise extends to commercial and infrastructure civil projects.
      • I am accountable for complete P&L responsibility for the projects under my supervision.
      • I lead a team of project directors/managers, contractors, and developers, ensuring that everyone is working together effectively to achieve project goals.


      PMO                                                                                                                                       2014-2019

      Mika Sazeh Full Time, Tehran, Iran        

      • Provide financial reports and budget outlines to Executives.
      • Oversee the development of the project and ensure that team members are carrying out their tasks efficiently.
      • Draft new and improve existing project management office policies and processes.
      • Evaluate projects to ensure they are meeting company standards, adhere to budgets, and meet deadlines.
      • Document the project’s creation, development, and execution as well as the project’s scope, budget, and justification.


      SITE MANAGER&COORDINATOR                                                                                           2009-2014

      Mika Sazeh Full Time, Tehran, Iran       

      • Oversee and coordinate the construction project from start to finish.
      • Ensure compliance with safety regulations, building codes, and quality standards.
      • Manage and coordinate with contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.
      • Develop and maintain the project schedule.
      • Monitor project progress and adjust plans as needed.
      • Manage project budget and expenses.
      • Ensure timely delivery of materials and equipment.
      • Supervise and manage site staff and workers.
      • Resolve issues and conflicts that arise during the project.
      • Maintain accurate records and documentation.
      • Communicate effectively with project stakeholders.
      • Ensure proper maintenance and cleanup of the construction site.

    Expert civil& designer                                                                                                        2005-2009

    Sahel consultant Eng. Full Time, Tehran, Iran                                                       

    • Understand subdivision design standards and processes
    • Produce 3D models and 2D construction drawings using AutoCAD software for industrial civil infrastructure
    • Prepare preliminary layouts and detailed design drawings from engineering notes, sketches, and/or other drawings
    • Work closely with Engineers, Designers, and other Drafters to ensure coordination design effort is maintained
    • Stay current with CAD techniques, drawing principles, and engineering design software applications
    • Perform calculations and prepare Bills of Material relative to design documentation
    • Manipulate and manage electronic survey data received from others for design and drafting purposes