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Preface: what is the FIDIC

FIDIC is an international body derived from the French term Fédération Internationale DES Ingénieurs-Conseils, which means International Federation of Consulting Engineers. Fidic’s main reputation is due to its work in explaining and defining construction industry contracts at the international level. The choice of project implementation method is one of the strategic decisions of the project that is made at the end of the feasibility study phase and at the same time or after deciding on the project financing method. In this section, the books of this institute are introduced.

fidic type book

Types of FIDIC  contract templates

Contract templates have been drafted for a wide range of project types. The main templates are differentiated according to the color of the book cover. The choice of the template will depend on the type of project. In summary:

Cheap or fast projects – Green Book (short contract form)
Client plan (Conventional projects) – Red book
Client plan (financing by multilateral development banks) – Pink book of
contractor plan (Conventional projects) – Yellow book of
projects EPC / Turnkey – Silver Book
of Design, Construction, and Operation Projects – Golden Book


Select the type of contract in FIDIC

The standard FIDIC contract form is recognized in international executive projects for the contract between the employer and the contractor, in particular, the contract
?terms for civil engineering work: Red Book (1987) Contract
?terms for electrical and mechanical work, including equipment installation: Yellow Book (1987)
?Terms and Conditions for Design – Construction and Turnkey (1995)
FIDIC realized while red and yellow books were being made that some projects were out of the scope of existing books. For this reason, FIDIC not only expanded the standard forms in time and scope but in 1999 released a set of four standard contract forms that are suitable for most construction and installation projects worldwide.


1999 set includes: 10

contract terms for construction and engineering work designed by the employer: Execution
contract 22 contract terms for construction and engineering works designed by the employer (coordinated version for multifaceted development banks) only for the project
Funded by the Bank: Contract for the Implementation of Multifaceted Development Banks 30 Contract Terms for Design – Construction of Electrical and Mechanical Works and Construction and Engineering Works Design by the Contractor: Design Contract – Construction of
48 Contract Conditions for Turnkey Project or EPC
50 Short Form of Contract: Short Form
60 Dredging Pact (Based on Short Contract Form): Dredging Pact

All the books in the 1999 collection are written: “The first version of 1999 (the trial version was published in 1998, and although it is valid for treaties, in some cases it has undergone fundamental changes).

The latest editions of the books are as follows:

? FIDIC – Contracts Guide This guide covers the terms of a construction contract, the terms of a design contract, and the terms of an EPC (turnkey) contract.

?FIDIC – Red Book The terms of the construction and execution contract (three factors) are recommended for the construction and execution of works designed by the employer or his representative, the consulting engineer. In these contracts, the contractor executes the project in accordance with the contract.

? Yellow Book FIDIC – Yellow Book Terms of design and implementation contract, in this type of contract, the contractor designs and executes the project according to the wishes of the employer.

?FIDIC Silver Book – Silver Book Terms of the EPC contract (turnkey), this contract is used in projects that have high certainty in terms of duration and final price of the project. In this contract, the contractor is fully responsible for the design and implementation of the project.

? FIDIC White Book – Sample of Employer / Consultant Services Agreement, this book is an example of Fidic Technical and Engineering Services Contract Form and is used to provide three-factor services (employer, consulting engineer, and contractor) and in most bank financial partnerships. Global is used in international investments in economic infrastructures, such as roads, railways, airports, dams, and oil and industrial projects.

?Green Book, FIDIC – Green Book A short contract form is recommended to provide a variety of engineering and construction services with relatively low capital value. These conditions are considered suitable for relatively simple or repetitive and short-term tasks.

? Gold Book, FIDIC – Gold Book In FIDIC Gold Book, which is presented under the title of design, implementation, and operation of projects, information about the general conditions of design and implementation, special conditions in these projects, and sample forms are also provided.

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About KSRA

The Kavian Scientific Research Association (KSRA) is a non-profit research organization to provide research / educational services in December 2013. The members of the community had formed a virtual group on the Viber social network. The core of the Kavian Scientific Association was formed with these members as founders. These individuals, led by Professor Siavosh Kaviani, decided to launch a scientific / research association with an emphasis on education.

KSRA research association, as a non-profit research firm, is committed to providing research services in the field of knowledge. The main beneficiaries of this association are public or private knowledge-based companies, students, researchers, researchers, professors, universities, and industrial and semi-industrial centers around the world.

Our main services Based on Education for all Spectrum people in the world. We want to make an integration between researches and educations. We believe education is the main right of Human beings. So our services should be concentrated on inclusive education.

The KSRA team partners with local under-served communities around the world to improve the access to and quality of knowledge based on education, amplify and augment learning programs where they exist, and create new opportunities for e-learning where traditional education systems are lacking or non-existent.

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Since May 2009 to present, have been International Construction Projects Advisor on Contract
Administration of the Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. (OCAJI), Tokyo, Japan
・ Supporting the projects of Contract Management Research Group,
to edit several publications in respect of contract management for international construction
・ Regularly lectured on general contract management under FIDIC since 2009, and on the claim
management on FIDIC since 2010 till the present at the seminars yearly organized by OCAJI.

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As a senior Environmental Expert, I am involved in managing and reducing waste and minimizing pollution in order to protect, restore and preserve the planet

I’ll use my background in science and engineering to provide a healthy environment for the world’s population by disposing of waste, providing safe drinking water, controlling environmental hazards, improving recycling, and decreasing soil, water, and air pollution.

Depending on the employer, I may be known under the alternative title of:

geo-environmental engineer
safety and environmental engineer
sustainability engineer
civil environmental engineer
public health engineer.

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More than 15 years of relevant practical and professional in Europe, the SADC region & the U. K. with management, administration, planning, coordinating, quality assurance & control technical/environmental studies, surveys, designs, Preparation of specifications, and contract administration of European Development Funds (EDF), World Bank, DANIDA, BADEA, AfDB funded projects and FIDIC Conditions of contract. , specifications, tender documentation, construction supervision, and contract administration and resolution of construction disputes, financial control, training, maintenance management, Construction Dispute Adjudication, Arbitration, and Mediation.

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PNU (university)· Department of computer assistant professor

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Maryam Momeni was born in 1970 in Tehran. She holds a degree in Literature - German language from the Melli University of Tehran.
As an assistant administrator, my duties will include overseeing and analyzing financial operations, approving purchases and expenditures, mediating between staff and other executives, appointing heads of departments, marketing and promoting the business, and facilitating training programs. My expertise in streamlining business operations will help the organization thrive and maximize efficiency and profits.