Future Internet Architecture and Cloud Ecosystem: A Survey

Future internet architecture and cloud ecosystem: A survey

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The Internet has gradually become a social infrastructure, the existing TCP/IP architecture faces many challenges. So future Internet architecture become hot research. This paper introduces two ways of an idea about the future research of the Internet structure system, probes into the future Internet architecture, and the environment of the cloud ecosystem.
Finally, we focus on the related research and discuss basic principles and problems of OpenStack.


Future Internet; Architecture; Cloud Ecosystem; OpenStack


collection, transmission, storage and processing in one of the important infrastructure of information society.In the beginning, the design of the Internet is mainly used for solving large-scale machines and other resources of the time-division multiplexing problem. Although the calculation of the continuous progress of technology, communication technology and the application of the model and calculation mode after single-mode, client/server mode, mode of development to the current cloud computing model, but as the foundation of the most important technology on the Internet, the TCP/IP architecture has remained basically unchanged[1].The current Internet is based on the TCP/IP architecture, which assumes users and terminals are credible and intelligent, the network itself only needs to provide the best-effort packet forwarding service. This idea is consistent with the initial host interconnect and resource sharing as the main goal of the Internet Design requirements. With the increasingly rich application and calculation model and the enhancement of social dependence on the Internet, Internet access and network function occurred huge change, the TCP/IP architecture has been unable to meet the needs of sustainable development of the Internet, in spreading [2], dynamic [3] and safety [4] control present, not able to solve the problem [5]. This paper analyzes the fundamental problems faced by the IP/TCP architecture, introduces the main ideas of the research on the future Internet structure, and some of the major future Internet architecture. The third section focuses on the future network architecture, basic characteristics, and research progress of the testbed. The fourth section summarizes the future of the Internet cloud ecological environment. In the end, the research focuses on OpenStack, which is the research hotspot in the future Internet architecture, which is simply introduced.


Information transmission is only one of the basic functions of the Internet, service is the fundamental an embodiment of the value of the internet. Internet hosting service showing explosive growth, the future Internet essence is a kind of a very large scale, virtualization, high reliability, general, high expansion of service system, support the user in any position, use any terminal to easily access a variety of service. The future network architecture must be adapted to the needs of these services and requirements. In the service-driven design concept, the future of the Internet service-oriented architecture system will usher in rapid development. At the same time, the Internet cloud ecosystem will be more perfect.

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Future internet architecture and cloud ecosystem: A survey



Man Wana), Shiqun Yinb)
Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, China


AIP Conference Proceedings 1955, 040130 (2018); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5033794
Published Online: 18 April 2018


This work is supported by the Science & Technology project (201300128, 41008114, 41011215, and
2017005363). Corresponding author: Shiqun Yin, qqqq-qiong@163.com.

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