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What Is LMS Mobile?

The more mobile users use, the lower the desktop sales. Experts believe that traditional computers will soon be obsolete and desktops are expected to be dismantled in the next decade.

With the proliferation of affordable Internet access and laptops, telecommunications have become more popular than in the past few decades. In the United States, the number of people connecting to the company from home or on the Internet has grown by 140 percent since 2005. This growth has been almost 10 times faster than the number of other employees. There is also a full-time job position and work from home. About 4 million employees (3% of the US workforce) work about half of their time at home.

Although many employees still work in their offices and behind their computers, it is possible to use mobile phones to help them work. 91% of people use mobile phones at work to complete their ideas, and 74% of people check their work emails on smartphones or tablets.

Maybe you are already reading this text from your mobile phone, so this statistic will not surprise you, but have you thought that maybe this is also true for your company’s virtual education system? As portable technology becomes more and more popular, so should your LMS.

lms Mobile Friendly

In this article, we will explain why your virtual education system should be mobile friendly and what are the features of a mobile LMS  that you should consider when buying.

Why should your virtual education system be usable on mobile?

Access to skills and processes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Personal training can be a great way to learn, but it also has its limitations. For example, after a few days or weeks at work, a new employee may have difficulty remembering information that was passed on to him or her during hours of on-the-job training.

The speed and ease of demand-based training not only make life easier for trainees but also saves company money and time and reduces potential risks. Imagine an employee speeding up the standardization of hazardous materials instead of precisely controlling them because he has forgotten the details of the initial training course.

 Having different learning styles

You should know that demand-based training, which can be implemented on mobile, is an intelligent method that offers different learning methods in addition to monitoring the trainees at their level.

For example, according to research, some learners perform better when they have time to work slowly and delve deeper into the subject, while people with faster learning processes become more bored in the classroom setting for the average learner. Employees can move forward at whatever speed is best for them using demand-based training.

One of the training methods that attract the attention of many employees is video. Ninety-five percent of businesses reported that video helped educate their employees better and faster, 79 percent agreed that the video method should be used in the workplace, and 75 percent said they were more likely to watch a video than email. Read articles or documents.

Whether your employee is a visual or auditory learner or prefers to read simple information, on-demand training comes in handy whenever and wherever they need it.

Increase employee participation

One of the reasons that people leave their jobs is that it is not possible for them to progress. In fact, employees who feel they are not getting the continuous improvement they need are 12 times more likely to leave the company than those who say they have received adequate training.

When instructional content is available anytime, anywhere, you are actually helping employees learn something new whenever they need it or are curious about it. Of course, not all employees have the talent to learn how to create Gantt charts or write CSS code. But some of them have this talent and providing such an opportunity increases employee participation, which leads to greater productivity and commitment to work.

You may not be able to promise all employees the highest grade, but you can show all employees how to develop their talents by using the on-demand training available. This strategy not only contributes to turnover but also attracts top talent. Today, education and development is the primary priority of job seekers.

Other features of the Mobile LMS that help with training include:

Ease of selling courses online

You do not need to bother to sell your courses, you can easily and with little hassle sell your courses online.

First, the admin can access your website directly, meaning that all the information you enter on the admin platform is automatically placed on the website and displayed to customers. Instead of putting the same information in different places, it is automatically displayed on the website and any change in it is immediately reflected.

This also means that when a customer makes a purchase from you, all the details are sent to the manager (admin) without the need for additional work to be done manually.

Eventually, the Administrator allows you to manage all courses from one place, whether it is virtual training, combination training, or class-based sessions as a result, you do not have to worry about managing multiple locations and systems, all of which is done by management.

Provide nothing more than virtual training

The LMS Mobile Administrator allows you to offer your students more than just a virtual tutorial, as it supports a variety of blended learning that can be part of your virtual learning course.

  • Combined education: Combined education offers the best of both types of education, namely virtual education and classroom-based education. The administrator allows you to offer the course as a combination of training, which means you can schedule both classroom and virtual training sessions under joint courses and manage them all from one place.
  • Virtual Instructor Training (VILT): This allows your students to join virtual classrooms but also have the experience of a real classroom, as it is hosted by a real instructor.

The LMS language localizes you

If you offer your e-learning to students around the world, then you need to be able to translate your e-learning content into different languages. The mobile e-learning system has options for different languages ​​that localize your LMS and meet the needs of different students.

Integrated with an educational management platform

Because LMS Mobile Admin is part of a larger educational management platform, your virtual learning system offers many capabilities that provide students with the best possible learning experience.

Some of the features that are offered are:

  • CRM
  • Reporting system
  • SMS and automatic emails
  • Automatic certification
  • Individual feedback research
  • Sales system
  • Marketing system
  • Group management tools

Use automatic communication

Automated communications save a lot of time and provide management with this feature with Mobile LMS. this means instead of sending emails manually to students, you can set them all up automatically at no cost to your team.

First, create a template for all the emails you want to send to students. This could include registering approval or requesting feedback at the end of their training. Then specify what event you want to send these emails to, or what activity the email will be sent after. For example, after a student has purchased a course, or after a certain period of time after completing a course.

This means that whenever such situations occur, emails are sent automatically and your team does not have to worry about creating large volumes of emails or making sure that emails have reached people.

As mentioned, the mobile e-learning system has many advantages, but you should be careful in choosing the LMS mobile to get the most out of it. How many should and should not be considered in choosing a mobile LMS, which we will discuss below:

Analysis in Friendly Mobile LMS

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Right Mobile LMS

Efficiency and ease of use

The first and most important thing to consider is that your LMS should be fully functional and easy to use.

The LMS system should not be such that before starting the training course, you first have to teach your employees how to work with it!

Go for some trouble with the program yourself and explore its various options. Even give it to your friends and relatives and ask for their opinion on this subject.


The second important component is the compatibility between different devices.

Does the company you work for allow you to use your personal electronics in the organization?

In principle, compatibility must be maintained on all devices and operating systems. This means that the candidate LMS must be able to work well with various hardware and software without any defects.

Performance monitoring

Another important feature of mobile LMS is a performance monitoring Its ability to track and monitor learners’ activity in real-time.

Using this valuable feature, you can be aware of the weaknesses and strengths of people during the course and continue the course accordingly.

Sync with social networks

Today, ease of communication has become a key element in organizations’ interactions with customers. Regarding the subject we are discussing, this case is considered as one of the key capabilities.

If your LMS has a good relationship with social networks, learners can easily communicate with you and vice versa.

Gamification capabilities

Do not neglect the hidden and visible capabilities of gamification!

Friendly competitions can help improve the training process, and gamification is a great way to achieve this.

At the same time, this method makes the training courses enjoyable and even the employees show more enthusiasm in completing the homework with the plan of making friends with each other! Even simple things like simple tests or fast-paced games can help.

See if there are any features in your LMS system.

Excellent debugging

Even the best programs may one day run into trouble and so-called crash.

the important point is You choose the right LMS that you can easily get help from the manufacturer when needed.

There is a need for a support center where you can easily and at any time share your questions and problems and get answers. Sometimes even small things like a quick password recovery can be a big challenge.


Since the use of mobile is very popular among people today and many systems and software are provided to be suitable for mobile use, it is necessary that the virtual education system is mobile friendly to create a better educational experience for learners who more than They use mobile phones.

In general, the set of benefits mentioned for LMS mobile in this article are:

  • ease of use
  • Proper speed in training
  • Provide various teaching methods such as audio, video, and text
  • Ability to use everyone and flourish talents
  • Ease of selling courses online
  • Possibility of combined education (real and virtual)
  • Language localization
  • Provide all LMS capabilities including reporting, feedback, sales, and…
  • Possibility of automatic communication (automatic email and…)

There are several things to consider when buying a mobile SMS. Among its convenience and user-friendliness, compatibility with various devices, the ability to monitor and track learners, the ability to use it on social networks, the ability to gamify and support, and troubleshooting.

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