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What is online education ?  It is a planned learning in which learning and teaching usually take place in separate environments. For this reason, online education requires communication and institutional technologies to design and plan education. Online learning focuses only on the learner’s needs for a relationship with the instructor, while online learning should involve both communication parties, the instructor and the learner.

What is online education?

Nowadays, the Internet is a powerful educational resource in educational media and in general is able to evaluate, match and modify the use of computers for all persons anywhere in the world at any time. The popularity of using the Internet as an information and educational resource is growing. In the future, most businesses will be more likely to use the Internet and  use LMS virtual training software . With increasing speed and security and advances in technology, the need for the Internet in everyday life increases.

What are the many questions like the e- learning management system (LMS)? Or what is virtual learning, we have heard in forums and other online discourses. The statements made in response to these questions generally do not cover all the features of the LMS e-learning system and the e -learning system. Many people equate the lms training management system and e-learning management with webinar training and video conferencing software under the internal network. Some people, regardless of the requests of the video conference audience with the applicants of the virtual education software, do not differentiate between the two and have expressed different and incorrect opinions in this regard.
The virtual learning implementation system can be a collection of virtual learning software LMS, which is used to hold a virtual live class, video conferencing software and adobe connect virtual training software, which is used to hold online counseling and training sessions, a school management system that is based on the goals of educational management in face-to-face schools. It is implemented and other e-learning management tools and can be used separately or together depending on the request of the audience.

Online learning is a new way to design, develop, offer and evaluate education that uses electronic capabilities and facilities to aid learning. E- learning is an educational method that has been created since the advent of the Internet and the growth of this technology phenomenon and the use of its capabilities. In fact, the method of distance and virtual education has evolved and meets the needs of knowledge-seeking and learning human beings, especially That time and place in this teaching method is completely optional. E-learning has attracted the attention of many teachers and educational institutions today and is one of the most basic and popular topics and uses on the Internet.

Although technology and technology are combined in education, its effectiveness in teaching and learning remains a challenge. Despite the fact that many schools and universities today have easy access to technology and the Internet and trained teachers and a suitable learning environment, the use of technology in the classroom is still low. The low use of technology in education is the opinion of teachers.

Online education is a planned learning in which learning and teaching usually take place in separate environments. For this reason, online education requires communication and institutional technologies to design and plan education. Interaction in e-learning system  It must include the two sides of the relationship, the teacher and the learner. In fact, e-learning is a sub-branch of online education in which the relationship between teacher and learner is limited to Internet technology. In online education, the teacher-learner communication can be through video conferencing or the Internet and social networks.

lms : Produce educational content in micro-learning
What is online education?

Define the concepts of online and distance learning

Online training

Success in e-learning is a key and important element of using the Internet and is recognized as an educational technique that uses some technologies. Online education can include e-learning and combination education, generally referring to the idea of ​​using online tools for education.

Review Paper on E-learning Using Cloud Computing
Online courses: Review Paper on E-learning Using Cloud Computing

E-learning technology can be an opportunity to exchange ideas and information between students and teachers online. In general, students receive instruction and instructors teach through an online medium, even if the teacher can be in the same building with them. This teaching method is only for students and teachers to choose from.

Distance Learning

Although referred to as distance learning and often used interchangeably with the term online education , it was first introduced to attract students from around the world. Universities are offering dedicated distance learning courses as long as they are eligible to enter the university. For example, it made it possible for European students to easily attend an American college without having to travel.

Combined training

Combined teaching is a combination of distance learning and traditional teaching in a classroom. In general, students will have a fixed schedule in which they must attend part of the classes at the educational institution, and for the rest, they can determine the schedule themselves and attend the rest of the classes and do their homework. And can do their homework online.

online course
 Online Courses

In most of these definitions, the  introduction of e-learning system refers to the efficiency of technology and place of learning (class / distance / online). Another vital difference is the reference to media that actually supports ICT, books, and so on. Technology and media can be used to solve barriers to your learning activities, combining studies and work, and so on.

The passion for distance learning has grown due to existing technology, which is why research has shown that the efficiency of computer training and integrated learning technologies significantly increases the level of learning and knowledge of individuals. However, according to this research, the best results were obtained in situations and because of this, many distance learning institutions use different media and online media (ICT) rather than educational content and interaction. Provide students and teachers.

For this purpose, most institutions use a virtual learning environment (VLE) or learning management system (LMS).

Students with access to personal computers can pursue online education by completing online courses. Online courses allow students to work comfortably from home. Employees who are unable to leave work to pursue a full-time college education are more likely to  use LMS e-learning software courses .

Importance and effectiveness of online education

The development of technology and the Internet has changed people’s lives in various fields and scales, including teaching and learning. The web has become a learning channel that opens up a whole new way for people around the world to access education for free or at a lower cost.

Thriving information technology and the Internet have paved the way for access to high quality knowledge and education. This easy access using information systems and the web can improve people’s skills for less cost. The knowledge provided to some people will not be possible without the opportunities provided by technology and the web.

As companies and organizations adopt technologies to improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations, their use of the Internet is becoming more and more essential. As multinationals grow around the world, so does the likelihood of working with people from other countries, and educating all of these parties together is something that online education does successfully. And this is a great advantage for online training!

lms online course
Online Courses: LMS online course

Other benefits of online education include

Online education has no limits

In addition to space constraints, time is one of the issues that both learners and teachers must face in learning. In the case of face-to-face and face-to-face learning, the space required for a group of students to attend is limited, and time is limited to participants who can attend at a specific time. E-learning, on the other hand, provides an educational environment in which anyone interested in a course can participate, without the need for time and space organization.

Online learning is more fun

Interactive and entertaining periodic design using multimedia or the recent development of the gamification method not only engages the participants more, but also increases the relative lifespan of the training materials.

Online education is affordable

However, it may cost a fortune to get updated copies of college or school books. But in online education, there is no need for textbooks to disappear after a certain period of time and you need to prepare new editions of the book.

Online Courses: Documentation of good LMS features LMS-certification
Online Courses: Documentation of good LMS features LMS-certification

Benefits of online education

Let’s combine all that has been said and put it into a real scenario:

In order to try to increase the credibility and quality of the teaching content, it is common for the teacher to invite a specialist in the field to give a lecture. In the traditional model of education, the teacher must provide an invitation to the specialist and pay for his / her flight, accommodation and training.

: With online training

With e-learning, the teacher is able to host guest speakers without having to spend a lot of money. It can provide virtually the same level of interaction with speakers and students with cameras as it does with the physical presence of the speaker in the room. Another advantage is the possibility of replaying the speech, which makes us benefit even more from the traditional way of speaking. Students who have missed a lecture for any reason can view the recording. Even students who have been there can watch it again to better understand it.

Concerns that arise with online education

With all the benefits of e-learning, there is no denying that there are some drawbacks to it. A good example of the disadvantages of online training is that it is much more difficult to teach practical skills. For example, although building a wooden table is something you can easily explain by sharing information, recording videos, etc., it requires practical experience. Pottery and machine building are other examples of skills that require practical experience.

Online education may lead to isolation

Although e-learning provides the student with ease, flexibility, and remote access to a classroom at any time, it may leave them feeling somewhat isolated. This is because online learning is often an individual activity in which the learner may feel completely alone. With the advancement of technology and the consequent advancement of online teaching methods, students can now engage in and interact with faculty and other students in a variety of activities using tools such as video conferencing, social media and discussion forums. To be.

Although e-learning provides the student with ease, flexibility, and remote access to a classroom at any time, it may leave them feeling somewhat isolated.

Health concerns

E-learning requires the use of computers and other devices; This means that the eyes, the formation of bad posture and other physical problems may affect the learner. During an online course, send instructions explaining how to sit properly, desk height, and tips for regular breaks between workouts.


In recent years, online course programs have evolved and become recognized as legitimate options for completing your education. Online courses and courses are easier and cheaper than their traditional counterparts. These are the two main benefits of e-learning.

About KSRA

The Kavian Scientific Research Association (KSRA) is a non-profit research organization to provide research / educational services in December 2013. The members of the community had formed a virtual group on the Viber social network. The core of the Kavian Scientific Association was formed with these members as founders. These individuals, led by Professor Siavosh Kaviani, decided to launch a scientific / research association with an emphasis on education.

KSRA research association, as a non-profit research firm, is committed to providing research services in the field of knowledge. The main beneficiaries of this association are public or private knowledge-based companies, students, researchers, researchers, professors, universities, and industrial and semi-industrial centers around the world.

Our main services Based on Education for all Spectrum people in the world. We want to make an integration between researches and educations. We believe education is the main right of Human beings. So our services should be concentrated on inclusive education.

The KSRA team partners with local under-served communities around the world to improve the access to and quality of knowledge based on education, amplify and augment learning programs where they exist, and create new opportunities for e-learning where traditional education systems are lacking or non-existent.

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