Prevention of Agricultural Commodities using Artificial Intelligence

Prevention of Agricultural Commodities using Artificial Intelligence

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In India, the major source of living and economy is through the agriculture and agricultural industry. Rotting or over-ripening of agricultural commodities has always been a major problem for the farmers. Farmers aren’t able to keep a check on every single crop that turns out to be the reason for crops getting destroyed resulting in less amount of fertile crops. This paper mainly focuses on proposing a model which will help the farmers in crop monitoring and to know about the rotting of their crops before the crop gets rotten or overripe. This paper also includes techniques of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture that will help the farmers to prevent agricultural commodities. The objective of this project is to build a system that protects the crops from rotting and over-ripening. The aim is to propose a new framework and develop a system to make some advances towards the prevention of crops.


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    • Prevention of Agriculture Commodity,
    • Artificial Intelligence,
    • Artificial Intelligence Techniques,
    • Fertile Crops,
    • Crop Monitoring



The simulation of human intelligence processed by machines and computer systems is known as Artificial Intelligence. AI is an emerging technology in the field of agriculture. In this paper, an overview and description of the Artificial Intelligence techniques that are applied to agriculture are described. Rotting of crops and over-ripening of crops is a big problem for farmers and farmers aren’t able to check every single crop resulting in the ruination of crops. This is the reason behind the increased rate of suicides of farmers. Previously prevention of crops was done by checking crops and using pesticides to prevent the crop from insects which resulted in the rotting of crops. Suppose we are available with the sensors that can be installed on crops which can give an alert to farmers if the crop is about to get rotten. In this way, the farmer can have the maximum amount of good crops at the time of harvesting.


There’s an old saying “food is the predominant necessity of people”. Activities on agricultural field or farms require efforts in the form of planting, harvesting, and in the maintenance of crops. These activities need labor, money, energy, and resources. In this new era, where everything is technology, agriculture is also becoming digital. We can make use of technology for replacing some of the human activities in the agricultural field and can guarantee productivity.


Agriculture and agricultural activities are slowly becoming digital and Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology in the field of agriculture. There are three major categories in which Artificial Intelligence is emerging at a very fast pace (i)agricultural robotics, (ii)crop and soil monitoring, (iii)predictive analytics. A lot of technology companies are investing in building up various algorithms that are becoming beneficial in the field of agriculture. Image Recognition, Satellite Imagery, Crops Monitoring by Drone are some AI techniques used in Agriculture.


This system is proposed to provide help to the farmers for checking and knowing the condition of the growing crops easily. Also, the farmer will easily be able to know about rotten and over riped crops. This system will help the farmers to monitor their crops in the field easily and to get rid of bad crops resulting in harvesting the maximum amount of good crops.


We would like to express our gratitude to the founder president of Amity Group, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, for his keen interest in promoting research in Amity University.

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Prevention of Agricultural Commodities using Artificial Intelligence



, A. Vohra, N. Pandey, and S. K. Khatri,




Prevention of Agricultural Commodities using Artificial Intelligence

Publish in

2019 2nd International Conference on Power Energy, Environment and Intelligent Control (PEEIC), Greater Noida, India, 2019, pp. 52-54



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