Research on the Application of Big Data Automatic Search and Data Mining Based on Remote Sensing Technology

Research on the Application of Big Data Automatic Search and Data Mining Based on Remote Sensing Technology

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With the continuous innovation of modern science and technology, automation technology, and information resources have become the main characteristics of the application of today’s cutting-edge technology. Gradually, it is found that remote sensing technology can be used as the main way to obtain data resources based on the background of big data. It is more and more widely used in social and economic development. The diversification of imaging methods and the enhancement of remote sensing data acquisition ability lead to the diversification and mass of remote sensing data. The scale of data obtained by remote sensing technology shows a growing trend. This trend will inevitably put forward higher development requirements for the automatic analysis and mining of big data. Starting from the content of remote sensing big data, this paper makes a brief analysis of data automatic search and data mining technology and finally gets the corresponding conclusion.

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    • remote sensing technology,
    • automatic search
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    • Big Data,
    • data acquisition,
    • data mining ,
    • geophysical image processing,
    • remote sensing
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    • remote sensing technology,
    • remote sensing big data,
    • data mining ,
    • big data automatic search,
    • automation technology,
    • information resources,
    • cutting-edge technology,
    • data resources,
    • remote sensing data acquisition ability


In recent years, with the development of computer technology and network technology, the scale of data generated by virtual space has gradually expanded. Social platforms, search engines, e-commerce platforms, and other systems are constantly generating data. We can’t imagine the huge scale of data, and we can’t estimate their application value. Because we can’t deal with huge data quickly, we need a cutting-edge technology to help us with data analysis. Theconcept of big data came into being. Big data implies great research value. It has become a hot topic in business and scientific circles. However, the emergence of big data technology does not mean the development and application of cutting-edge technology. Bigdata should lead to the development and progress of various data processing technologies. Researchers have invented many kinds of data processing technologies according to the research direction of big data. Among them, the emergence of remote sensing data technology shocked the world. In a word, remote sensing search technology is a new interdisciplinary subject combining social science and network science. It has become a research hotspot in the field of science and technology in various countries.


Today, big data technology has become a very important source of resources in social production and life. With the continuous progress of satellite remote sensing technology inChina, remote sensing technology based on big data technology will gain new development space in breadth and depth. We should use our unique thinking to focus the practice of Technology Research on technology analysis and data mining. We should fully reflect the main role of data application in the development of modern society.

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Research on the Application of Big Data Automatic Search and Data Mining Based on Remote Sensing Technology



Z. Degui and Y. Fei,




Research on the Application of Big Data Automatic Search and Data Mining Based on Remote Sensing Technology

Publish in

2020 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (ICAIBD), Chengdu, China, 2020, pp. 122-127,



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