The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web representation

The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web representation

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The article describes the problem of search engine optimization (SEO) of a new web-site of any organization and the approaches to make better results in different search engines. The new site is difficult to bring to the top search engine rankings. This article describes the study of the new web-site SEO promotion. The authors took the site of the organization for the sushi and roll delivery in Krasnoyarsk city, Russian Federation, which was created and uploaded to the hosting about a year ago. At the first stage, the technical optimization was completed: Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files were configured, 404 pages were set up and a validation check was carried out. At the second stage, the content was worked out and a semantic core was formed. With the help of the Yandex service Wordstat.Yandex, key phrases were selected, which was used to advance the site. After that, a snippet was created which makes the link to the site more attractive to users. As a result of this work, the site has become 2 times more visible to potential customers of the company. Thus, properly implemented SEO optimization allows you to attract a significantly larger number of customers in the company.


Despite universal appreciation and popularity, the Internet continues to expand its borders. According to WeAreSocial, an international social media research agency, in their Q4 Global DigitalStatshot report for the fourth quarter of 2018, more and more people in the developing world are connecting to the Internet [1]. Millions of people across Africa and South Asia have connected to the network for the first time in the last three months, with almost all of these new users accessing the Internet exclusively through mobile devices [2]. In October 2018, there were almost 4.2 billion Internet users in the world. Since September 2017, 284 million new users have appeared on the network. In Russia, the Internet audience has also increased by 4%. They reached 90 million people as of September 2017 – February 2018, which is about 73% of the country’s population over 12 years old.

These data suggest that the Internet is an integral part of a person’s daily life [3]. People find answers to various questions (personal, workers), communicate in social networks, and satisfy their consumer needs with the help of the World Wide Web. In the 21st century, a person does not wander around the city in search of the store and goods he needs. Before buying something, he will go online, write a query in the search box, and start wandering through the pages of the Internet in search of an answer to his question [4 – 6].

The Internet is a broad community of millions of users, and it is also named as one of the most important means of communication today. This wider community is also known as an important customer potential for anyone thinking about business activities based on the Internet environment [7]. The Internet has become a new channel of the business sphere in the modern world, in which it is impossible to achieve such a large volume using traditional sales channels. Work methods have changed with the advent of the Internet and created some changes in other areas [8 – 10]. Companies are in dire need of internet marketing. Not a single company, even the smallest, can manage today without its own website. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are aware of the need to present themselves and their services on virtual pages. Large chains and stores create copies of themselves online, offering their entire range of products. After all, it is beneficial because [11 – 14]:

•  On the  Internet,  there is an opportunity to reach a  huge audience of potential buyers, a chance to quickly make themselves known.

•  To make business through the Internet is cheaper than rent office or retail space where large areas, furniture, and staff are required. The website cost less, with a constant influx of buyers.

•  Making purchases over the Internet is easier and more economical in terms of time. In addition, evaluate the product and make comparisons is often performed by users before the purchase itself, and they are made, as it is not difficult to guess, on the Internet.

•   Ability to tell about yourself,   presenting the most important information in a stylish way. Create an image.

At the first time of website launching, it is likely that a couple of users will enter it, either by accident or as a result of a targeted search for this resource. This happens because on the Internet there are countless various sites, both offering any products and just filled with a variety of information [15 – 17]. While the Internet includes hundreds of thousands of web-pages, it is best to use search engines to find the right data or information. According to a study conducted in February 2016, 81% of Internet users visit the search web pages. In 2019, became the most popular No. 1 website on the world market and in the United States. Those companies that have realized how wide the possibilities of the Internet are, the volume of potential buyers, have long occupied the best places.

The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web representation
The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web

These places that any web user met are on the pages of search engines, and the best ones are always displayed on the first page on request and are called Top 10. Not many, having received a selection of the necessary resources on the first page, start flipping through the following, and even more so, rarely anyone reaches at least the fifth page, well, the place of only the created site can be much further [18]. Because of this, it is important that the web page gets to the top of the search results list. To achieve this goal, website developers should use search engine optimization [19]. You can move a web page to the first page of a search engine using only optimization rules without paid online advertising. Therefore, it is of great importance to promoting the site, its conclusion in the ranking using search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is defined as a set of measures for external and internal website optimization to increase its place in the final lists of search engines for certain requests of users. It is in order to increase the flow of network traffic and potential buyers and profit from incoming users. [20-21]


f search engine optimization (SEO promotion of a site directory in a competitive niche is a difficult task. A large number of search results and advertisements do not allow bringing the site to higher positions. Large online stores with a basket and the possibility of online ordering move the site directory to the last places in the ranking. But still, with the help of the correct basic SEO-site settings without using paid advertising, we were able to raise the position of the site by a direct request for the name of the organization with the exact location.


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The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web representation



Danil Gek, Vladislav Kukartsev, Vadim Tynchenko, Aleksandr Bondarev, Maria Pokushko, and Natalya Denisova




The problem of SEO promotion for the organization’s web representation

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The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current Issues of Linguistics and Didactics: The Interdisciplinary Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences” (CILDIAH-2019)


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