types of research papers

types of research papers

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Knowing what research papers are published in magazines will help you prepare a better article for publication. The variety of articles is huge and all of them will be out of the question, but there are six types of scientific articles that you need to know more about to publish an article in a journal.

types of research papers
types of research papers

types of research papers: 1-Original Research

Research papers are one of the most common types of articles published in journals. These articles are based on research conducted by the author himself. In this type of article, the researcher expresses his / her experimental findings on a new topic.

The research paper is the result of new research that has not been done before. This type of article is very popular among researchers and researchers, and due to the novelty of its content, they have more opportunities to be published. The research paper format includes an introductionmethodsconclusion, and discussion section.

When writing research papers, some ethical rules should be followed, whether you write an article with a new issue or have a different view of previous issues, you should not raise it by downsizing others and enlarging yourself. Emphasize that no scientific movement can take place without relying on the efforts of its predecessors, whether this effort has paid off or been left unfinished.

types of research papers:  2-Review Article

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Review articles include a summary of research on a particular topic and illustrate the current position of the topic and its future. This type of article refers to the analysis of the subject, the differences, and often the problems that stand in the way of the subject.

Review articles are mostly read by researchers looking for a complete introduction to a topic, and many other articles cite this type of article. To write a review article, you must receive an invitation from the journal in question. If you want to write a review article, email the editor of the journal you want before starting work and send him or her a draft of the topic.

The number of words in a review article varies depending on the topic and the journal in which it is to be published, and for different articles it can be between 8,000 and 40,000 words. Therefore, you must get complete information about this issue from the magazine you are looking for.

types of research papers: 3-Short reports or Letters

This type of article includes a summary report of a research paper that editors believe will be useful and engaging to many researchers and could be used in future research in this field and subject.

These types of articles are very limited in terms of the number of words, so sometimes this short article will not be published until the author of the original research has written and published it in its entirety.

types of research papers:  4-Case Studies

In the case studies case study, specific cases of an interesting and new phenomenon are mentioned. The main purpose of these studies is to inform other researchers about the possibilities that a particular phenomenon can cause.

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These types of articles are often used in medicine. Case studies include a patient’s specific condition, diagnosis, and medical indications for treatment. These reports should be about a previously unknown case study. For this reason, this type of article is mostly prepared by experienced researchers.

types of research papers: 5-Opinion Article

Theoretical articles are articles that the author examines and analyzes specific research. In this article, he can point out the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed theory or even critique that particular topic.

Theoretical articles are very short and usually have a limit of up to 2000 words. Therefore, in this short article, the author must be able to reject or support something with reason and evidence and present a new theory.

types of research papers:  5-Book Review

Book reviews are among the articles published in most scientific journals. The purpose of the book review is to provide insight and theory about the latest scientific books. Book reviews are also very short articles and often do not take much time to write.

Writing this type of article will be very useful for novice researchers as it allows them to be aware of the latest research done in their field and at the same time add an article to the resume of their published articles.

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