What Is a clubhouse? | Part one: General issues

What Is a clubhouse? | Part one: General issues

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How to use ClubHouse

Using Clubhouse is very simple, but before installing and using it, you should know that you must now have an invitation from someone else to use this software or reserve your name on the waiting list. After receiving the invitation, all you have to do is join the Rooms or create a new room by hosting yourself. Like other social networks, the “Feed” section shows you items that you have “followed” and are related to your profession and expertise.

The main menu in Clubhouse is similar to the image below where you can search for people, letters, and keywords. It is also possible to send invitations, view events and announcements, and access profiles through this section.

Clubhouse tutorial
Clubhouse tutorial

Carefully in the image above, you will see a bell-like icon indicated by a red circle. Various activities in the clubhouse are informed with the help of this icon, that is, if new people have joined this social network, or if an activity takes place in the desired rooms or by your audience, you will be informed by touching this icon. Of course, in the following text, the description of different parts of this application will be examined.

ClubHouse download link

You can use the following link to download the ClubHouse application. Of course, the official version of this application is currently only developed for iOS and may be developed for other operating systems such as Android in the near future.

Link to download the official version of ClubHouse for Android

According to the developers of this application, on May 9, 2020, the official version of Clubhouse for Android was released and is now available in the Google Store with US IP. This version is provided in other countries as a “pre-register” which, according to the manufacturer, will be available in other countries in the days and weeks after the date mentioned. To download the installation file (APK) of the trial version (beta), you can proceed from the following link. Unofficial versions are also provided for this application, but we suggest that you use the official version of ClubHouse for Android due to security issues. Also, due to the fact that this version is experimental, some problems are predicted in it.

official versions provided for different platforms

official versions have also been written by mobile application developers, which, although their security cannot be guaranteed, can be used to get acquainted with this application and test its capabilities. Below, we have provided the download link for these unofficial versions. Android, Mac, and Linux versions have been written by Iranian developers, which of course are more complete Russian versions for Android.

What is a hallway in a clubhouse?

“Hallway” is the name given by the clubhouse to the feed page, where you can see active and online chat rooms.

Description of different parts of the ClubHouse application

After getting acquainted with the entrance hall of the ClubHouse, we are going to review the main parts of this application and learn how to use it.

Top menu

In the previous image, the top menu of Clubhouse is displayed. There are several options from left to right. The first icon on the left is the “Search” feature, where different people can be searched by their username, name, or keywords in their profile. Then there is the envelope icon, which is intended for sending the invitation and will be discussed later.

The third option is the calendar icon, which lists upcoming events. The “Notifications” section contains a bell-like icon through which notifications can be viewed. Finally, you will see the profile icon in which you put your profile picture and bio. Here is how to write text for Bio ClubHouse.

ClubHouse Settings

If you touch the gear icon on your profile page, you will be taken to the app settings. The first part of these settings is the notifications section, which you can see in the image below.

Clubhouse tutorial
Clubhouse tutorial: Clubhouse setting

In the “Frequency” section, you set the frequency of display of notifications. If the “Include Trending Rooms” option is enabled, you will receive notifications about popular rooms. You must also use the “Pause Notifications” option to stop notifications.

In the following, there are 3 sections with external links that are shown in the image below. In the “What’s New” section, there is a list of the latest updates of the application. You can get help from the “FAQ / Contact Us” section to access frequently asked questions and contact the clubhouse. Use “Report Incident” to report problems. Clubhouse Rules and Guidelines are in the Community Guidelines section. Also, the terms of use of the services and privacy policies are listed in the “Terms of Services” and “Privacy Policy” sections, respectively.

Clubhouse tutorial


Room in the ClubHouse

The Rooms are known as the heart of the clubhouse and to find them just scroll down the Hallway. The important thing about rooms is that you do not see all of them, but they are displayed to you by the application algorithms. The elements displayed for the Rooms are listed below.

  • The name of the club is next to the green “Home” icon
  • Rooms name, which in some cases is used for more beauty and readability than emojis.
  • List of speakers and attendees
Clubhouse Rooms
Clubhouse tutorial

Stage and Speaker in ClubHouse Room

After entering a room, you will see the “Stage” with its listeners. A list of all the people present at the scene is displayed along with your profile picture and first name. If a user has been a member for the past week, an icon (party emoji) will be displayed next to their name, and a microphone icon will indicate whether their voice is off or on.

In the ClubHouse Room Stage, there are people called “speakers” who are currently speaking, and the “audience” or listeners, depending on their name, have the role of the listener in the ClubHouse room. Of course, in the following text, we will examine how to use the buttons of the ClubHouse room to get acquainted with how to get permission to speak in the rooms.

Clubhouse tutorial : stage-structure
Clubhouse tutorial: stage-structure

Rooms ClubHouse Buttons

When you enter a room, you will be presented with buttons through which people interact. If you are in Room as an “Audience”, the following buttons will be available to you.

Clubhouse tutorial : stage-structure
Clubhouse tutorial: Audience

To exit, you must touch the “Leave” button, and to speak, touch the hand sign to send a request to the administrator. Also, use the “+” sign to invite your followers to Room. If you are in the “scene”, instead of the “hand” icon, there is a “microphone” icon that can be used to speak.

How to create a room in a clubhouse?

In general, when you create one of the voice chat rooms, different people enter it and it is possible for you to start talking about your topic. In fact, if you are familiar with making a podcast, Clubhouse should be considered an interactive form of a podcast. To create a room, touch the green button in the main feed window. It is also possible to add a theme using the “Add a Topic” option.

It is recommended that you add topics to make the professional aspect of your work more specific. Especially if you are a digital marketer, you know how to do this because you are well acquainted with the subject of social media marketing and by producing relevant and thematic content, you will attract your target audience.

Clubhouse tutorial : Create a room
Clubhouse tutorial: Create a room

As you can see in the image above, it is possible to create rooms under specific clubs. Of course, to do this, you must be a member of those clubs and they will allow you to do so.

How to create an event in a clubhouse?

Even if you do not want to create a room, it is possible to create an “event”. For example, you might want to hold an event related to different types of photography or talk about different types of retouching and composition techniques in photography. At the top of the feed, you will find the date of the events and it is possible to join them. You must touch the “Calendar” icon to set your event.

Clubhouse tutorial : Create a room
Clubhouse tutorial: Event Creation

By touching the calendar button, you will be directed to the following window and you can create the title, guests, and date and time of your desired event along with the host club and event description. Also, if you own a club in the clubhouse, the members of the club will be notified of your event.

 Create a room aor event
Clubhouse tutorial: New event

How the Room functioned in the clubhouse

Upon entering the Room in the clubhouse, you will see a scene where different people are allowed to speak. Scenes include “Moderators” and “Speakers” in which the directors are shown with a green star. The tasks you may have as a manager are listed below:

  • Mute and unmute speakers: You can mute and unmute the speaker by touching the microphone button on their icon.
  • Add people to the scene: To do this, applicants must obtain permission, which will display a notification to the administrator and allow the request to be approved or postponed.
  • Ability to transfer speakers to the audience: This way, the speakers will no longer have a stage to speak.

Listeners also form followers of people in other Rooms. When you are at the Audience Level, you can raise your hand to speak by pressing the category icon. If the manager allows you, you will be able to speak on stage. Everyone in Room will be able to enter the room by pressing the “+” button.

How to create a clubhouse profile?

Like other social networks, it is possible in Clubhouse to create a profile and introduce your services to other people. Since it may be possible to include the ClubHouse profile address later in your resume, like LinkedIn, it is important to build it properly. You can also select a profile picture from the mobile gallery or take a photo using the mobile camera. It is also possible to write your “Bio” in the profile. The first three lines of the bio – about 125 characters – are displayed as previews in another Room. In the bio clubhouse section, you can not put emojis or various links such as everything you want.

Clubhouse tutorial : clubhouse-profile
Clubhouse tutorial: clubhouse-profile

Bio ClubHouse

As mentioned, the first three lines of the bio are shown in the preview for other users. Other items shown include profile picture, number of followers, and followers. In previous articles in our blog, we talked about Instagram bio and how to write an effective bio, but in the following, we will mention a few tips for writing a bio clubhouse.

  • The clubHouse is an app where you can talk live. As a result, put information about your topics in the bio.
  • Currently, the only clickable links in the bio are your Instagram and Twitter links. So, a good way is to get acquainted with putting a link in Bio Instagram and ask the favors to visit your link in Bio Instagram.
  • List your favorite topics so people know about them and invite you to their meetings accordingly.
  • Use keywords appropriately. By doing this, you will help different people to find you while searching.
  • Write your bio text in a few lines to have coherent and organized writing. To do this, you need to write the text elsewhere and enter it in the bio.

Many clubhouse users prefer to write their bio in applications such as Notepad and enter it in their profile. This also makes it possible to insert emojis. In the picture below, you can see an example of a bio clubhouse. In this bio, the number of followers on other social networks is shown, as well as the reason for following the person and his work history.

clubhouse-profile show
Clubhouse tutorial: clubhouse-profile show

Bio ClubHouse settings

If you touch the gear button to the right of the bio, you will have access to its settings, which will display an image like the one below. In this section, you can make various settings, including the ability to set “Notifications” mentioned earlier.

clubhouse-setting bio
Clubhouse tutorial: clubhouse-setting bio

Also in the “Interests” section, you can set your interests so that the rooms related to these interests are displayed accordingly. To connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts to the ClubHouse, you can use this section to display their links in the bio.

How to find online people and rooms in the clubhouse?

After a brief introduction to this application, we return to the feed section. When you are in the “Feed” section, you will have access to online people and clubs by touching the icon at the bottom right of the phone screen.

Room start clubhouse online
start rooms in the clubhouse

How do invite different people to the clubhouse?

To send the invitation, there is an icon similar to the envelope that you can touch to send the invitation. Also note that the more you use the app, the more invitations you will be allowed to send.

invite different people to the clubhouse
invite different people to the clubhouse

What is it like to create a club in a clubhouse?

Clubs are groups based on different interests that individuals can join. Currently, each person can start only 2 clubs and you have to fill out a form and wait for an answer. Of course, this process will be easier in the near future.

Clubhouses, like the one shown in the image below, are used to create in-app communities. It should be noted that the Rooms in the clubs can operate publicly or privately.

The clubhouse now requires club founders to host at least one repetitive conversation. To set up a club, you must hold three duplicate conversations or audio conferences, and then fill out your application form. Note that there are four types of membership in clubhouse clubs, which we will explain below.

  • Founder: ‌ Owns the club. The owner of the club can organize the descriptions and rules of the club and all this does not require the approval of any request.
  • “Admin”: ‌ Appointed by the founder or other administrators (admins). The administrator can delete and add members and create public and private rooms.
  • “Members”:  are approved members of the club. Members can create private – not public – rooms for the club. It is also possible for him to select members of the company and members of other clubs in public and private rooms.
  • “Follower”:  is not an official member of the club. The follower can follow the general activities of the club but will not be able to create a room for the club.

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How to receive a ClubHouse invitation?

The easiest way to receive a ClubHouse invitation is to ask current ClubHouse members to send us an invitation. However, according to the description of this software in the Apple Store, by registering and reserving your name in the waiting list of Clubhouse, you can wait to receive the invitation. Note, however, that if another person sends you an invitation, that person’s name will also be displayed in your main profile along with your name and membership date. Therefore, be sure to get help from reputable and justified people to receive the invitation.

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