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Technology has always grown and changed. Today we see innovations and innovations that were previously unimaginable. One of these innovations is Metaverse; A unique, three-dimensional virtual environment that is rapidly gaining traction on the Internet. You may have seen examples of this before in science fiction movies like Ready Player One or the Matrix trilogy, but Metaverse is something beyond imagination.

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What is Metaverse?

With the advent of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), metamorphoses can no longer be called Internet conquerors. On average, 85 million users will experience virtual reality and augmented reality at least once a month in 2021. Although Metaverse does not provide a complete picture of the science-fiction concept, it can still be considered a new computing platform that continues to produce unimaginable content.

Number of virtual reality and augmented reality users

From the image above, it is inferred that virtual reality and augmented reality can be considered first-class and high-class media! Forbes Magazine also has a column dedicated to Cathy Hackl, a well-known technical planner, and meta-strategist. In addition, there is a budget called the Metaverse Investment Budget (ATF NYSE: META). All of this points to the growing importance of metaverse in the current situation.

In addition to all this, users are also aligning with this phenomenon. Entering the “metaverse” keyword into Google will give you 677,000 results. In addition, #metaverse is widely used on Instagram and there are more than 60,000 different posts about it and more than 500 tweets are republished every hour.

Keyword Metaverse

Now the question is, what are the consequences of Metaverse when it comes to social media and social media and digital marketing? In the following, we will examine this virtual world in depth.

Careful and in-depth review of Metaverse Marketing


  • Concept of Metaverse
  • Marketing in Metaverse
  • Other examples of the Metaverse
  • The future is in the hands of the Metaverse
  • MetaverseChallenges
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Concept of Metaverse

Today, Metaverse includes collective cyberspace in which people appear as virtual avatars. These virtual worlds evolve based on user decisions and interactions within this space. Hence, this world can be considered in one thing with the real world: “never-ending.” This world is the only world that expands with the presence of each new user.

Metaverse is not just a park with a unique design, nor a simple game for children, nor even a simple application to download from the App Store! metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds that combine reality and cyberspace.

If this concept is still difficult for you to understand, Matthew Ball will list the key features of Metaverse.

Metaverse features
  • Permanent dynamics: Metaverse does not stop or end without you. This world continues to flow indefinitely.
  • Relation to the real world: The Metaverse timeline corresponds exactly to the time in the real world.
  • Independence of individual users: Users can perform separate activities at the same time. One user can also stand in a corner and the other can chat with others.
  • Self-sufficient and fully functional world: Metaverse is a worldwide application that allows its users to create, own, sell and invest. Users are also recognized and rewarded for their efforts in Metaverse.
  • Combination of different platforms: In Metaverse, different platforms are placed next to each other. For example, in the field of video games, you can transfer items from one game to another.
  • User-generated content: Metawares is more than just a user-friendly environment. In Metaverse, users can generate content for others.

Marketing in Metaverse

People in the field of digital marketing must always keep up with the latest technology; An issue that certainly includes understanding the Metaverse and a deep understanding of its potential. What marketers need to understand is that Metaverse is not just a simple trend; metaverse seems to be a perpetual phenomenon that wants to make its way to the next big and important event.

The question now is, how can marketers adapt to the constant expansion of Metaverse?

These people must first understand the importance of ages between the mid-nineties and 2010 as target audiences. Those born in these years are probably the most enthusiastic users to use meta-players such as Roblox and virtual reality technology. With this in mind, we will explain how marketing works in Metaverse.

Demonstrate Metaverse marketing in real-world marketing

Create marketing experiences that relate to real-world experiences, or showcase your brand’s real-world performance in Metaverse. AB InBev’s Stella Artois, for example, teamed up with Zed Run in June to create a Tamaguchi-like experience (digital pet) and compete with the Kentucky Derby event. The reason for this collaboration was Stella Artois’s reputation for sponsoring sporting events, including horse racing. As a result of this collaboration, an online platform was formed in which NFTs (irrevocable tokens) were traded, competed with each other, and even reproduced.

Virtual and 3D experience is the key to everything

Virtual advertising in Metaverse is possible. Take Bidstack, for example, an advertising gaming company that managed to turn real-world advertising into virtual billboards.

But you can go beyond virtual billboards. Since Metaverse is experimental and virtual, this feature can be used to the fullest, and advertising and marketing initiatives can be presented in the same virtual and three-dimensional form. For example, instead of displaying simple advertisements, it is possible to display a brand and events that allow users to interact with them.

We have already seen examples of such advertisements; For example, the concert of American rapper Lil Nas X in Roblox, Gucci Garden Virtual Tour, and Washington Heights Virtual Show, previously shown in a Warner Bros. film In the Heights. There have been many brands that have recently partnered with Roblox or other Metaverse to discover new ways to make money.

Create a collection option

People love collectibles and see the Metavars as a place to show off their interest. You can also stimulate their interest in collecting by offering valuable assets or limited items that can only be collected in Metaverse.

For example, the Gucci Garden Virtual Tour in Roblox presents a phenomenon called the Collectors’ Room. This feature allows users to collect limited and rare Gucci items. Gucci managed to collect 286 billion Robux in the game environment from the initial sale of these items alone.

Interact with existing communities

People are generally opposed to advertising. This is also the reason why brands should pay attention to the annoyance and dissatisfaction of the people who are present when trying to enter Metaverse. In addition, you need to keep in mind that you need positive user feedback because your market audience is one of those people.

Do not forget that you can never enter a new platform and consider its format and format. In the Roblox environment, for example, brands become more famous when they collaborate with members of the Roblox development team to create different items and experiences. This is exactly why O2 partnered with the platform’s gaming platform to hold a concert at Fortnite.

Look at this as an effective campaign. The production of content by the user is very important and that is why members of a community become an integral part of your campaign output.

Continuous experience

Now is a very exciting time for marketers. Although there will always be principles and guidelines for marketers to present strategies and tactics, Metaverse will remain a new platform that provides plenty of room for any kind of experience. There are still many appropriate actions and many patterns for the creation to be complete and complete. This feature gives marketers plenty of room to grow and experiment with their approach.

Another unique example is Metaverse

  • Dimension Studio, for example, made a profit of $ 6.5 million as a result of its experience with fashion-related meta-brands. By displaying their products virtually, they allowed their users to step into a new platform, be scanned by 106 cameras, and then step into a virtual world to try on a variety of clothing. The studio’s great reputation came from the video game they created to showcase the Balenciaga brand in the fall and winter of 2021.
  • One of the games in the Sandbox world, called Grand Theft Auto V, activated an option when buying clothes, which was very similar to the clothes of the Hong Kong protesters. The Hong Kong protesters were thus able to extend their widespread protests and struggles in the real world to the meta-world and to join the many artists who used the virtual world to convey their political message to the people of the world.
  • Interior design company Houzz has allowed its users to create digital images of their furniture and other home furnishings. Every time someone makes a purchase using this service, a profit is given to Houzz Company. In 2017, the company designed a 3D system that allows users to view products in 3D and combine it with the real space of their home.
  • Next, Google Map designed an augmented reality version of its navigation system. This feature shows the user the route objectively and helps the users to reach their destination by using arrows. The user only has to hold his camera in the direction he needs guidance to guide it to show him the augmented reality capability of the right path.

The future is in the hands of Metaverse

Many companies are now investing and betting on Metaverse; Betting not only on entertainment but also on business. For example, the largest social networking platform, Facebook, now sees itself as one of the future metamorphoses. Mark Zuckerberg is now focusing on building social media and investing in Oculus headset technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality on Facebook. In August 2021, Zuckerberg unveiled the commercial version of Metaverse for the Oculus headset, in which people can work together, sit in a conference room, and interact with each other as if they were working together. Because of the current situation, many jobs have changed to home and telecommuting, moving to such a world can be very ideal.

In addition to Facebook, Silicon Valley is also investing in Metawares as the new generation of the Internet. There are also many games now that use meta-like elements on their platforms. For example, holding concerts in games such as Fortnite or Animal Crossing.

On top of all that, HTC is working on business-centric, not customer-centric, virtual reality technology. This shows that a phenomenon such as virtual reality has emerged with a purpose beyond mere entertainment.

If all else fails, get ideas from others, and you’ll be convinced: People are now buying land in Metaverse, especially on Earth 2 . This case certainly shows that this technology intends to be sustainable.

virtual reality
virtual reality

Metaverse Challenges

Metaversepromises an exciting future for brands, but there are still challenges ahead.

For example, although the popularity of Metaverse is increasing day by day, there is still room for their expansion. Due to the requirements that exist in the use of Metaverse, access to these requirements is not possible for everyone. Not everyone has access to the tools needed to enjoy Metavars; Tools such as high-end computers and virtual reality lenses. This can severely limit a brand’s potential market and hinder mass marketing.

The performance of brands in Metaverse should also be accompanied by care and caution. The boundless integration between the brand and the user is very important to avoid the user’s boredom with the brand. Since this technology is still emerging, finding the right place in Metaverse is difficult for brands and can thwart their efforts to get their message across. Have a good plan for your positioning in the Metavars environment and make sure it is natural and integrated.

In addition, there are sometimes misconceptions about Metaverse. Most people see them as mere games for children. Not all people can understand the importance and value of meta-brands, and therefore brands must take the risk of not taking their efforts to present themselves in the environment of these platforms seriously.

Data privacy and security in Metaverse have always been a serious challenge. The advent of new technology also requires scalable security measures. Achieving this security requires developing new ways to secure and protect data; A way that has never existed before. For example, the issue of authentication can lead to more information being received from users, resulting in lower data security and confidentiality.

Finally, because meta-metrics are available to everyone for free, brands need to be vigilant in maintaining the image they present. The more Metaverse users are in control, the more likely it is that your brand content will be questioned. In addition, there is a possibility that your brand will be damaged or discredited by users. This is why it is important to be integrated, considerate, and accurate in your marketing strategies so that as a result, users feel comfortable sharing and interacting with you in cyberspace.

Finally, the Metaverse promises a bright future for the world of computers and the Internet. Especially since they can provide a lot of space for the innovations of marketers and advertisers. Despite all these challenges, the experiential nature of this world paves the way for a dramatic experience and innovative success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a three-dimensional, virtual environment in which people play, work, and engage in social activities.

Is Animal Crossing a Meta Transformer?

The Metaverse debate has become very hot in recent years. Facebook has also announced that it will change its name to Meta to showcase its goals in the AI ​​space. The name Metaverse can be applied to things like Fortnite, Roblox, and even Animal Crossing.

What is FB Metaverse?

Facebook is not the creator of Metaverse. Metaverse is a new idea in the field of the internet in which people play, work, and do social activities.

What is Facebook Metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg did not provide much information about the design of Metaverse or its digital world. We do know, though, that Facebook Metaverse includes virtual reality headsets and augmented reality.

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